Cleaning Stain-Resistant Nylon Carpets with Crystal Blue S800

Cleaning Stain-Resistant Nylon Carpets with Crystal Blue

 When it comes to offering a wide variety of products, there is no other company that can compare to Prochem Kärcher Group. It has high-quality detergents, shampoos, pre-spotters, rinsing products and many others, that can save even the most hopeless situation. Some of them are specifically designed for use with truckmounts and portables, while others can be used as everyday cleaners at home. There are specific detergents for cleaning synthetic fiber carpets and detergents that can be used on both - synthetic and natural fiber carpets. You will be impressed by the fact that there is magnificent detergent, formulated for use in the airline industry and conforms to Aerospace Materials Specifications AMS 1613A “Carpet Cleaner, Water Extraction Type”. You probably didn’t know that carpeted flooring in airplanes needs special maintenance and not all cleaning agents can be used for its cleaning. Crystal Blue S800 is an incredible detergent, which meets the specifications for use on stain-resistant nylon carpet and upholstery.

It is interesting to find out that nylon fiber carpets are the most widely spread type of synthetic carpets. These specific types of carpets represent 65% of the total number of sales in the United States for the last year. Nylon carpets are famous for their durability and strength and that is the major reason why they are the most used types of carpeted floorings. Due to their durability, they are more resistant to wear and abrasion. In addition to that, typical characteristic of nylon fiber carpets is that if you place a piece of furniture on it, and after that you decide to change its place, there will be no visible trace on the carpet. The nylon fibers bounce back after being bent or crushed. That way you will have better looking carpet for longer period of time, being compared to other types of carpets. Another advantage of having a nylon carpet is that it is easy for maintenance and cannot be damaged by moisture. Moreover, it is resistant to growth of mold and mildew which is extremely important for creating a healthy environment for your family and pets. If you still are not convinced you need to buy a nylon fiber carpet that will change your mind! These types of carpets are famous for their long-lasting colors which do not fade away after a year.

Unfortunately, as any other synthetic carpets, nylon fiber carpets have their disadvantages. Probably the greatest disadvantage is that these carpets build up a static charge. This charge goes through person’s body as the person is stepping on the carpet. This charge can influence on electronics in the room, for instance, on computers. Another negative side of having a nylon carpet is that it is prone to appearing of food stains. However, nowadays manufacturers are working hard to overcome this problem and now there are stain-resistant nylon carpets available on the market.

I made a little research about various types of carpets before purchasing my nylon carpeted flooring. Then I gathered all the information, I mentioned above and that is the reason to decide to buy such type of carpet. However, at that moment I didn’t know there is a specific detergent, designed specially for use on nylon fiber carpets. Something typical for those carpets is that they “hide” soil very well. Most people believe it is beneficial because your carpet will look clean although it is not. When I purchased Crystal Blue S800 by Prochem Kärcher Group I was fully convinced that my carpet is in ideal condition as I was taking care for it. I was vacuuming it on regular basis – 2 times a week, and I was washing it once on every 2 months.

When I received the bottle of Crystal Blue S800 I was shocked how economical it was. 1 bottle which equals 1 gallon is enough for making up to 320 gallons of ready to use solution. In addition, I read on the label this cleaning product is appropriate for use with truckmounts and portables. The necessary dilution for application with a truckmount is 1 quart per 5 gallons of water. If you are going to use a portable, you have to dilute 2 oz. per 5 gallons of water.

After I applied it once, I witnessed a huge change in the color and condition of the carpet. It turned out it is much dirtier than I expected it to be. The colors were revived and it looked just like new. It smelled very pleasant and all the dirt was gone. Now I am regularly using this product for maintaining the perfect look of my carpeted flooring. That way I am keeping my carpet ideally carpet clean and my home has the cozy atmosphere I have ever dreamt of.  

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