Does your car interior needs cleaning?

How often should you clean your car interior?

car cleaningProbably you do not have time or car upholstery cleaning seems annoying activity to you. Taking the car to a car wash also takes time which you cannot afford wasting. Then it is better to take advantage of the services of on-site car cleaning, performed by Prolux Cleaning.

Our experts will come to your address, fully equipped with everything they need to wash your car interior qualitatively and professionally.

Actually, car upholstery cleaning service, performed on-site, is very convenient service. It is incredibly beneficial when you find yourself in another location and you do not you know where is the closest car wash. Moreover, you cannot expect the same high quality service to be provided in a car wash. Professional cleaning companies that come directly to your address are equipped with highly effective preparations, which are completely safe for your health and for the environment. This way, you will not get into a confusing situation but also you will save yourself extra headaches.

How do we perform car upholstery cleaning?

Our specialists will examine your vehicle and will spray the contaminated areas with our certified preparations. Car upholstery cleaning starts with an extractor machine. This method is called spray extraction/ steam cleaning and is highly efficient because under high pressure is injected a preparation. Simultaneously the machine sucks up the degraded already debris that is in depth. We choose our machines to be the most widespread in the technological life and the most innovative for our generation. We choose the best

Steam cleaning is an extremely easy and efficient process. It does not differ from conventional car wash with water / steam turbine except that it saves us up to 500 - 900 liters of water per hour, eliminates the need for drainage facilities and a large number of documents and permits from the municipality and allows two operators to work simultaneously with one machine (which cuts the time in half!). The combination of suitable pressure and high temperature (85 ° C ~ 120 ° C) allows the steam to remove even the most stubborn dirt - including lye, mud and other dirt. In addition to external washing, steam can also be used for car upholstery cleaning - detailing hard-to-reach niches, prevention and disinfection of air ducts and other parts of the car, washing of insoles, ceilings, upholstery and much more. The practical applications of steam are countless!

Steam cleaning has countless advantages - disinfects, reaches hard-to-reach areas and niches in the car, kills microbes, molds and parasites, removes odors, etc.

Steam cleaning is a brand new concept in the automotive industry, which has been greatly welcomed in many parts of the world thanks to its environmental and efficiency.

What is also included in interior cleaning procedure?

The car dashboard is cleaned using a special detergent. A high-pressure steam cleaner is used, not only for cleaning your interior but also disinfecting the layered microbes and leaving it clean and fresh.

The whole saloon and the upholstery are sprayed with professional and allergen-protected fragrances and preparations.

We work with both private and corporate clients. All you have to do is call that contact phone and make a request. We will offer you the best conditions for you as well as an individual price offer!

Choosing Prolux Cleaning for your car upholstery cleaning service is equal to taking care for the environment. With the steam cleaning of 10 cars a day, we can save together over 1 million liters of water per year compared to conventional carwashes. Moreover, we work only with bio preparations that protect the environment and don’t pollute the water.

If you are curious how to clean the car upholstery by yourself, here are several useful ideas:

You can use all-purpose cleaner. There is no need to buy different cleaning products for each individual spot. There are very effective all-purpose cleaners on the market, and it’s up to you which of them you will choose.

You will also need an interior brush to remove the dirt and grime from your seats and floor mats. Purchasing detail brush is also a good idea. That way you will reach tight spaces and corners which you were not able to clean with the bigger interior brush.

After you have finished shampooing your car seats, you should apply a fabric protector. If you do this, you will keep your upholstery clean for long period of time and will extend its life.

If you have leather interior, you need to focus on its nourishing. If you apply the leather conditioner, you will strengthen the leather to prevent cracks.

It is recommended to keep a microfiber towel or cloth inside your car and in case you spill a liquid, you will absorb it easily. This soft material won’t scratch your upholstery.

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