Easy Guidelines for Carpet Cleaning

Easy Guidelines for Carpet Cleaning

 It is well known that carpets collect dust, and stains on them are not easily cleaned. Here are some useful carpet cleaning tips that will make cleaning faster and more efficiently.

Dry carpet cleaning – this is widely used cleaning method that has many benefits. The greatest advantage is that you can use the carpet immediately after the cleaning procedure. Dry carpet cleaning is recommended for carpets that should not be moistened.

First step of cleaning procedure is removing local stains from heavily contaminated areas, then proceed to the dry cleaners. You finish the cleaning procedure with a vacuum cleaner.

Steam cleaning of carpets - This is a difficult and complicated process. First, knock down the dust with a vacuum cleaner. Then brush with synthetic foam to remove grease. After that, turn on the steam cleaner. Finally, let the carpet dry. It is possible to undergo antistatic treatment - removal of static electricity, and deodorizing - to remove offensive odors. As you can see cleaning the carpet is not quite a simple task and you should not proceed with this action without knowledge of useful carpet cleaning tips.

Professional carpet cleaning

Of course, it will be easier for you if you book professional carpet cleaning services. Many cleaning firms offer top quality services at reasonable prices. Moreover, their specialists are trained to work with powerful equipment and are aware of different carpet cleaning tips. Let’s not forget they have highly effective eco-friendly detergents which will restore your carpeted flooring to brand new condition.

Carpet manufacturers advise carpet owners to contact a trustworthy team of professional cleaners’ minimum once a year. People who have respiratory problems should book deep cleaning procedure on every 3-4 months. Make sure that you call an expert firm that applies sustainable products for deep carpet cleaning. The positive aspect in hiring professionals is that they will move the heavy furniture to clean the carpet beneath. Moreover, the carpeted coverings dry faster because of the powerful equipment expert cleaners use.

Cleaning carpet from stains


If you accidentally spill a juice or coffee on your gorgeous carpet, act quickly to cope with the problem. That way you will not need to use chemical cleaning product. There are many carpet cleaning tips to clean the spot with natural cleaning products. The first step is taking a dry sponge or white cloth to blot the stain. Try to absorb maximum quantity of the spilt liquid from the carpet. If you have to cope with a vomit stain, take a dull knife or spoon and remove the excess debris from the carpeted flooring.

Then you may use different carpet cleaning tips according to the type of contamination. If you have to remove greasy stains from carpet, you should use salt or baking soda - it will extract the fat. Dishwashing liquid will also solve this problem. For cleaning coffee, wine, or fruit juice stains, you should use baking soda dissolved in a little water. Cover the stain with the mixture, wait to dry and clean the place with a vacuum cleaner. If your dog has urinated on the carpet, blot the excess fluid and spray the area with a solution of water and vinegar (1: 1). Don’t forget to place protective gloves on your hands!

Once you have followed these advices, wash the stained area with mild soap solution. Leave the windows open to allow the carpet dry faster.

It is essential to test your cleaning product before applying it directly on the spot. If this is the first use of this specific cleaner on your carpeted flooring, apply a small quantity of it on an invisible corner of the carpet. Wait several minutes to see what the effect of the application would be. When you are sure this product won’t damage your carpet, apply it on the spot.

Because there are so many cleaning products on the market, it is very difficult to determine which the most effective one is. Some people believe that the most expensive product is the product with the highest quality. This belief is not always true. Others compare the ingredients of different products and if they see there is no difference in the ingredients, buy the cheaper cleaning product. Still others fully rely on the advertisements that have seen on TV. All these methods sound ridiculous and won’t lead you to the right choice. When you are not sure what product to use, you’d better go for green cleaning products. They are cheap and safe for your carpet and for your health as well. You won’t damage your carpet and if you learn the right carpet cleaning tips, you will be happy to use incredibly clean and fresh carpet. You may also consult with a professional cleaner which is the most appropriate cleaning product for your carpeted flooring.  

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