Neutralizing Pet Odors with Floral Fluorosil Odor Neutralizer

Neutralizing Pet Odors with Floral Fluorosil Odor Neutralizer

 I have a dog and a rabbit, living in my apartment with me. The rabbit is living on the balcony which is quite huge and safe for it. At first, I kept it inside a cage which was the biggest in the store. However, although this was a decorative rabbit it grew bigger, and the enormous cage turned out to be tiny for it. So I decided to let it live free on the entire balcony. The balcony is covered with tiles so I thought the maintenance will be easy. Unfortunately, the situation went out of control. This cute rabbit covered the tiles in urine and feces. At the beginning I was cleaning the balcony every day, but then I started a new job and I didn’t have so much time for cleaning. So I was able to wash the balcony thoroughly just once a week. As you can imagine after some time the urine smell spread through the entire apartment. In addition to that, the dog which was living inside urinated on the carpet or on the tiles floor, sometimes 3-4 times a day. I love this dog because I have it from 13 years. Now it is too old and that is why it has problems with controlling himself.

These are my pets which I adore but cause me so much trouble. The awful pet odors ruin the atmosphere in the entire apartment. Moreover, I believe this air does not provide me the healthy environment I need. At the end of the long day, full of stress, I just cannot get a rest because I have to clean the whole apartment and to deodorize it. Also, I need to open the windows for several hours to get rid of the awful smell. And half an hour after I close them, the smell appears again.

I have tried more than 15 deodorizers but they didn’t provide me the relief I needed. All of them were hiding the pet odors without eliminating them completely. That mixture of artificial odors and awful pet smell caused me a headache. That is the reason I decided it is high time to take measures and solve that problem. I couldn’t continue living that way. I was not going to give up my pets but I wanted more pleasant and healthy atmosphere at home. So I started searching for the perfect neutralizer which will remove the awful pet odors. Not after long, I found out what I needed - Floral Fluorosil Odor Neutralizer A224 by Prochem Kärcher Group.

I read that customers were recommending it as the best product for coping with pet and body odors. Some of them were using it for cleaning the tiles and walls in their home fitness for removing the awful smell of sweat. Others were applying it for overcoming the problem with urine smell, caused by pets. There was even an opinion from an owner of a pet shop who was selling all kinds of pets. He said that Floral Fluorosil Odor Neutralizer A224 was the main reason for his success. When I client entered the pet shop he sensed the floral scent which was very pleasant. That way the client could stay one hour and choose the perfect pet. Before that when a potential buyer entered the shop, he was staying inside not more than 5 minutes because the smell was awful. Floral Fluorosil Odor Neutralizer A224 was the key to success as it provided the needed pleasant atmosphere for the clients.

This magnificent product completely changed my life! It was extremely effective and economical – 1 bottle was enough for making up to 257 gallons of ready to use solution. It helped me get rid of the awful smell in the entire apartment, as it was proper for application on various types of surfaces – tiles, stone, and vinyl floors and walls. Because of its mild pH it can be applied on 5th generation stain resistant carpets. Just after 1 use it completely changed the air in the whole apartment. There was a really pleasant floral scent that lasted for days. Floral Fluorosil Odor Neutralizer A224 is appropriate for residential and commercial deodorization. It is very powerful non-ionic blend of odor counteractants, pairing agents, and masking agents which meets the requirements for use on different types of surfaces. What is more, it can save you from unpleasant water, fire, and smoke damage related odors.

I am extremely satisfied I had the luck to find Floral Fluorosil Odor Neutralizer A224 by Prochem Kärcher Group. Now I can enjoy my pets without making a compromise with my health and my fresh atmosphere at home. Moreover, the product can be applied as an additive and is compatible with most cleaning pre-sprays and extraction solutions

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