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Professional Carpet Cleaning with All Fiber Deep Clean S103

 If you run a professional carpet cleaning company, you know that highly-efficient cleaning products will guarantee you many regular clients. Many owners of expert rug maintaining firms make one huge mistake when they start their business – they emphasis more on advertisement than on superb cleaning detergents. That way they attract customers who after trying their services will decide they are not good enough. As a result they will search for another cleaning company the next time they have to clean their carpets. The purpose that everyone in this sphere should follow is full satisfaction of the client. The carpet owner should be extremely pleased with the services he/she has received that he/she wouldn’t change them in future. Customer satisfaction is guaranteed if you have professional team of cleaning experts and of course – the best detergents on the market.

It is understandable at the beginning of your career as a professional cleaner, to experiment with various cleaning products till you find the one that really works. However, if you want to be competitive in this business, you should not lose much time in searching for the ideal product because that way you may miss many potential regular clients. Do not be too proud and listen to another expert’s advice that has much more experience in this area than you do.

I have a successful career in carpet cleaning sphere as I have an expert carpet cleaning firm from 10 years. For that period of time a lot of things have changed, but one thing remains the same. Prochem Kärcher Group is still offering the best cleaning products on the market which are effective and affordable. I am especially satisfied by one of their detergents, called All Fiber Deep Clean S103. As you see from its name, it is appropriate for using on synthetic fiber carpets and also on wool fiber carpets. It has very mild pH – only 5.2 – 5.8 – which is the reason it is the perfect product for using on delicate fibers. It is wool safe approved and the most important fact is that it is designed specially for using with truckmounts and portables. If you are going to use it with truckmounts the dilution will be 1 quart per 5 gallons of water. If you are going to use it with portables, then the dilution will be 2 to 4 oz. per gallon of water. This professional acidic extraction rinse is strong enough to be used for residential and commercial carpet cleaning and at the same time gentle enough to be applied on upholstery. Not many cleaning products meet these characteristics. Most of them are specifically prescribed to be used only on upholstery or only on synthetic fiber carpets. You will need another detergent for use on wool fiber carpets. With All Fiber Deep Clean S103 there is no need to buy 3 different products for cleaning. You have one exception detergent which is suitable for use on carpets and upholstery, and is incredibly economical – 1 bottle of this product is enough for making up to 65 gallons of ready to use cleaning solution.

Having one product that can maintain both your carpets and upholstery will save you a lot of time from making separate cleaning solution for each surface. Also, the fact that you cannot apply the wrong detergent on the wrong surface is very relieving. Sometimes, it happens to apply a detergent for synthetic fiber carpets on carpets, made of wool, which completely destroys them. With All Fiber Deep Clean S103 there will be no place for such worries.

Before I found this absolutely fabulous product, I tested many others which did not provide me the satisfaction I needed. The first time I applied All Fiber Deep Clean S103 was at home, because I wanted to test it first inside my house and to see whether there will be any effect. I didn’t want to disappoint my customers with another low-quality cleaning product. So I made the necessary dilution and cleaned my sofas and all the carpets at home. At the end of the cleaning procedure, I was very content by what I saw. It had brightened my dull fiber carpets and they were really soft in touch. Moreover, they were perfectly clean as I have never seen them before. I maintain them regularly and I didn’t expect to notice such remarkable change after cleaning them with All Fiber Deep Clean S103. The detergent has new generation polymer technology that is helpful for achieving maximum soil removal with minimal residues.

I will recommend All Fiber Deep Clean S103 by Prochem Kärcher Group to anyone who wants to accomplish high results in cleaning without making any efforts. Using All Fiber Deep Clean S103 will save you a lot of time, energy and money and is 100 % guaranteed that you will be satisfied by the results.

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