Top 7 Myths of Carpet Cleaning

Top 7 Myths of Carpet Cleaning

 We have all heard the myths about carpet cleaning and sometimes we hesitate whether they are true or not. Here want to some up the most popular myths and give you some useful carpet cleaning tips.

1. The most widely spread myth is the one that you should not use professional cleaning service if your carpet does not look dirty. We want to assure you that if you haven’t cleaned your carpet for more than 6 months, it definitely needs cleaning. Dark colored carpets hide dirt and stains better than bright carpets. However, even if not easily seen dirt and allergens are still there – on the carpet’s surface. One of the best carpet cleaning tips we will give you is to clean your carpets at home thoroughly minimum once a year. That way you will prolong their life and will save them from damage of their fibers. The clean carpet always smells fresh and improves the air in the room.

2. The second myth that sounds ridiculous is that steam cleaning can ruin the condition of your carpet. Actually, high temperature water cleaning is the most preferred method for carpet maintenance. It is recommended by the best cleaning experts and carpet manufacturers. However, when you book professional steam cleaning service, make sure you have selected experienced cleaning firm. The only way steam cleaning may destroy your carpet is if it is performed by untrained people.

3. Many people who have bought new carpeted flooring in less than a year truly believe they do not need expert cleaning procedure because their carpet is “brand new”. Each carpet should be cleaned on every six months. If you have pets or babies, you should use professional cleaning on every 3-4 months.

4. You will be surprised to hear that many people believe that if they vacuum their carpet every day, they may damage its fibers. There is no possible way it can happen. The rotating brush stretches and wears the fibers of the carpet. In reality, however, the dirt causes more wear on the carpet than a vacuum cleaner. If your vacuum cleaner has multiple settings, use those designed for cleaning carpets, not the floor. Overall carpets can withstand vacuum cleaning several times a week. Furthermore, the accumulated dirt on carpets can corrode the fibers of the carpet and create a breeding ground for bacteria.

5. Extremely popular myth is the following: if I have or rent a steam machine, I don’t need to schedule professional carpet cleaning service. That is a mistake. Professionals are aware of highly effective carpet cleaning tips for coping with different problems and work with eco-friendly preparations. Many people, who try to maintain their carpets without professional experience, apply too much water on the carpet. As a consequence the carpet dries for really long period of time and mold appears on its surface.

6. Probably many people believe bleach is a strong detergent and is suitable for removing stains from white carpets. Keep in mind all that takes the color of a fabric or surface should not be considered a good cleaner. The real strength of the bleach is not just in its ability to clean. In fact, bleach is rather a disinfectant instead of detergent. It does a fantastic job of killing germs and removes stubborn stains, but this would have to rub nice soiled surfaces and rinse them well.

For many households whitening products are not the right choice for carpet cleaning. Bleach causes skin irritating which can be very harmful. Another negative side of bleach is that it could harm delicate surfaces or discolor them. Our carpet cleaning tips are: never use bleach for carpet cleaning, and always read the label before purchasing a detergent.

7. The seventh myth we want to share with you is the following: “after professional cleaning the carpets shrink”

Every carpet, regardless of the size and the material from which it is made is expensive, so anyone who has carpeting in his/her home wants to keep it in good condition as long as possible. But no matter how careful we are, the carpets get dirty. And when that happens, we often resort to professional help. However, whether professional cleaning can damage your carpet? Is it really possible after the carpet is dry to shrink?

The shrinking is a major concern, especially if carpets are made from natural fibers. However, most professionals know how to deal with all types of carpets. Today, most carpets are made from synthetic materials that reduce the risk of shrinking. Thus, you should know exactly what type your carpet is and you should be familiar with the manufacturer's instructions.

Something that could lead to minimal shrinkage is if the carpet is too wet after cleaning. Reputable companies for cleaning carpets do not allow that to happen. However, it is a good idea to check the moisture of your carpet before the cleaning worker leaves your home.

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