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Carpet Cleaning Archway

The use of professional carpet cleaning Archway services once or twice a year will help youCarpet Cleaning Archway preserve the beauty and softness of your carpet. ProLux is the most highly trusted local cleaning company, equipped with all the necessary equipment for cleaning carpets of any size, made of synthetic or natural material. We use modern deep carpet cleaning technologies that are safe for your floor furniture. You can rest assured that the carpet will be fully disinfected and refreshed, and cleaned to the very highest standards!


  • affordable cost of deep cleaning of carpets - we offer affordable prices for professional carpet cleaning, while maintaining the impeccable quality of services;
  • the use of chemicals that are safe for health and do not cause allergic reactions to process carpets, which is especially important for flats with children;
  • industrial-grade steam machines at our disposal;
  • high-quality cleaning and removal of any dirt;
  • convenient payment for deep carpet cleaning services.

ProLux specialists always know how to approach any given job according to the specific issues on the carpet, and the manufacturer's recommendations, which removes the risk of damage to the product during the cleaning process. This is indeed the most powerful and the safest carpet cleaning method you can find on the market!


Carpet Steam Cleaning Prices
Single bedroom £20
Double bedroom £25
Living room £30
Dining room £25
Lounge (from) £30
Staircase /max 16 steps/ + landing £25
Landing (from) £5
Hallway (from) £10
Commercial Carpet Cleaning £1.20 – £2.00 / sq.m.

Why Should You Entrust Carpet Cleaning Archway to Professionals?

Professional carpet cleaning is much more effective than regular washing and removing stains at home. Therefore, if the time has come to clean the carpet, then it is better to hand it over to the professionals. ProLux specialists will clean the most difficult dirt, eliminate unpleasant odours, and get rid of animal hair, stains, and dust. Moreover, the price of our work is very reasonable for the quality of service all of our customers receive.

Professional carpet cleaning is carried out using modern technologies that gently affect the pile without damaging it. The deep cleaning process simultaneously removes stubborn stains, dust, unpleasant odours and dirt. Modern deep cleaning technologies allow us to gently, delicately and effectively clean carpets made of natural (wool, cotton, silk) and synthetic (polyester, nylon, acrylic) material. For this, the most appropriate cleaning method is used.

Deep carpet cleaning Archway should be done regularly - at least twice a year, or even more often if you have children or pets in your home. The service life of the carpet and its appearance depend on this. Therefore, in order for the carpet to retain its attractiveness as long as possible, it should be deep cleaned relatively often.

If you have any questions about deep carpet cleaning services, please contact our office consultants by phone or email. We operate 24/7, all year round. And our reach is not limited just to Archway - as we also cover Hilldrop Estate, Highgate, Market Estate, Newington Green, Clissold, the rest of Stoke Newington and Camden, Hornsey, Belsize Park, Cricklewood and in fact the whole of Greater London! If you have doubts whether we cover your area, our office workers are always happy to inform you right away - call and receive your free quote today!

steam carpet cleaner by Prolux Carpet Cleaning Archway
BEFORE Carpet Cleaning £20 AFTER
steam clean carpet by Prolux Carpet Cleaning Archway
BEFORE Carpet Cleaning £20 AFTER
Hot water extraction method by Prolux Carpet Cleaning Archway
BEFORE Carpet Cleaning £25 AFTER
Ray Hawkins

Taking care for two naughty boys is not easy at all. One of the consequences is dirty carpets, full of stains. I use Prolux Carpet Cleaning carpet cleaning services on every three months to keep my carpets in decent condition. I don’t have time for carpet cleaning and I know I can fully rely on Prolux Carpet Cleaning. It is really embarrassing to have guests when your carpets are covered in stains and smell unpleasant.

When I am expecting guests, I contact Prolux Carpet Cleaning and schedule a carpet cleaning service. They have never disappointed me! After each service my carpet smells like flowers. I have recommended Prolux Carpet Cleaning to all my friends, neighbors and family. I can say this is the ideal help every housewife and mother needs.

Even if you have the right preparations for coping with carpet stains, you will have to devote at least 2 hours of your day, to clean the carpet thoroughly. If you schedule a carpet cleaning procedure, you will save those 2 hours to do something more pleasant.

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