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Detail Car Upholstery Cleaning Barking IG11 - If you would like to get the most incredible vehicle interior maintaining Barking IG11 at the most decent cost, you have to contact Prolux Cleaning. Our firm is in this sphere for more than 8 years and our company is happy to admit we have thousands of regular clients. Our team of professionals consists of the most skilful and précised professionals in the city. They are dedicated to achieving perfect results and pay attention to every detail. As a result they are scoring incredible results and you will be dazzled by the appearance of your vehicle interior. What is more, our company is using absolutely environmentally-friendly maintaining products and our procedures are available 24-7.

  • Flexibility in terms of daytime
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  • Completely insured cleaners
  • Proper deep cleaning


The process of car upholstery maintaining Barking IG11 begins with using a powerful vacuum cleaner.

It is emphasized on areas around the edges and between the seats. After that a stain remover is applied on the damaged surfaces. The stain remover is chosen according to the cause of the stain. The next step is cleaning the surface of the interior as simultaneously is sprayed incredibly powerful preparation. At the end of the car upholstery cleaning procedure, the upholstery is sprayed with a deodorizer for having fresh air inside your car.

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Professional Mobile Auto Detailing Prices

Standard Car Interior from  £59 Full Car Interior from £100✓ Opportunity to book an emergency same-day cleaning (even on weekends)
✓  Seats✓ Standard Option (Seats, the carpet areas, the mats, the boot)✓ Pre-hoovering
✓ Carpeted areas✓  The door panels, the side rooms, the dashboard ✓ The machine heats up the water to about 90 °C and with high-pressure sprays it deeply inside the fabric
✓ Mats✓  The vinyl, the plastics, the front part of the air vents, the seatbelts✓ Stain treatments ✓ Antibacterial treatment 
✓  Boot✓ Basically every small and reachable part inside your vehicle, except for the ceiling✓ Deodorizing the interior on completion

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  1. Washing and cleaning the car upholstery with the most modern vacuum cleaning equipment
  2. Taking care for old, persistent spots
  3. Preserving the fabrics and the colours of your car interior
  4. Deep expert vehicle upholstery cleaning of every all the parts of your vehicle upholstery, inclusive of the areas between the seats.

Do not worry, everything will be fine. Prolux Cleaning is the best professional car upholstery steaming services in Barking, IG11 which has thousands of happy clients who will guarantee for it. We have been in the car upholstery steaming business for eight years and we are well aware of all types of stains and spots. Besides that, we have regular clients who have car rental businesses and firms with selling vehicles. We also provide our exceptional services to clients who have a problem just like yours.

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I needed to have my car interior valeted on a short notice and ProLux were the first cleaners I called. I knew nothing about them, but they sounded really professional. Once the actual cleaner came it looked like he knew what he was doing. Really efficient and quick, fair price as well. I recommend them.

Nick Rollin
Nick Rollin
3 May

ProLux and in particular Ivo were recommended to me, so I decided to give them a chance. I definitely wasn’t disappointment – in fact, I'm surprised by how thorough they are and how seriously they take their job. Mad respect to them and would highly recommend Ivo and ProLux!

Bob Hawthorn
Bob Hawthorn
9 Mar

ProLux are a team of absolute professionals. This is the third time that they’ve cleaned my car and I will for sure keep on using them for the foreseeable future!

Molly Morgan
Molly Morgan
12 Jan
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