Best Carpet Cleaning Solutions in Every Situation at Home

Best Carpet Cleaning Solutions in Every Situation at Home

 The process of carpet cleaning is very complex and requires a lot of effort. A big role in it is played by knowledge, experience and modern technologies. Carpets can be cleaned in the snow at winter, as our grandparents used to do. Cleaning is the key to longevity and beauty. If the product is properly looked after, its original appearance and saturated colors will be preserved. Yes, and will serve such a carpet for at least 10-15 years.

There are several clever tricks you can use to remove the dirt from your carpet. Each of them can be excellent carpet cleaning solution for different situations at home. These ways of cleaning carpets really work - tested on personal experience!

1. Soap - a safe and effective carpet cleaning solution for removing fresh stains. You can take an ordinary liquid soap (washing-up liquid); pour it on a cotton pad or on a napkin and wipe the stain. Do not rub the carpet! Wipe it gently in one direction, so that the surface does not change.

2. Baking soda - raise it in warm water at the rate of half a glass to a bucket of water with a capacity of 5 liters. Then pour the resulting solution into an atomizer and apply it to the surface. You have to leave the wet carpet for 30-40 minutes. During this time soda cleans it and removes the smell. And then all you have to do is start vacuuming.

3. Ammonia – before cleaning the carpet with ammonia open the window for airing the room. Under the carpet put any substrate, so as not to damage the laminate. Then take a cotton swab and remove the stain. Finally, let it dry.

4. Hydrogen peroxide - take hydrogen peroxide and heat it in a water bath. After that, pour on the wadded disk and wipe it. You should wipe a large stain from the edges to the center. If it is fresh, then you do not need to heat the peroxide. Sodium hydrosulfite is also suitable for removing stains. You can do the same procedure as with hydrogen peroxide.

5. Salt – all you should do is scatter salt over the soiled carpet. Ratio: matchbox per square meter. Then take a firm brush, and start to process. Rub the salt all over the surface. After that sweep the salt with a brush soaked in warm soapy water. And repeat this procedure several times. Then take a vacuum cleaner and collect the remaining salt from the surface.

If you use all these methods, you will be convinced they really help if everything is done correctly.

6. Lemon juice - this is a wonderful clarifying and stain remover that can erode even stubborn stains, for example, ink. Lemon juice should be applied to a contaminated place and left for 1.5-2 hours. Then clean the place with a sponge with warm water.

How to Remove Fur from the Carpet?

If you have a pet, then you have to face several problems – fur, urine stains and unpleasant smell. The most typical problem in the house of animal lovers is fur, which penetrates everywhere and a thick layer is laid on all surfaces. Cleaning carpets from fur is not such a pleasant experience, so it's easier not to let the animal have a strong molt.

As practice shows, it is easiest to remove fur from long-haired animals from the carpet. It can be quite ordinary cleaning with a vacuum cleaner. Thin and short hairs are more strongly weaved into the pile of the carpet, so more time and effort may be required.

Here are few tips for cleaning carpets from fur:

Sweep the carpet with a damp broom. Most likely, you will remove only a part of the fur, but the rest of the hairs will be raised, and they can easily be collected with a vacuum cleaner.

Carry out a manual cleaning with a damp cloth. Starting at one end, walk around the entire carpet. As the cloth is covered with fur, rinse it in clean water. The method is quite painstaking, but it allows you to completely get rid of animal fur, even on heavily soiled surfaces.

Another helpful carpet cleaning solution is to use an adhesive tape. Cut off a strip of adhesive tape and, gluing it to the carpet. Change the tape as it gets dirty. In the same way, you can clean upholstery.

The fastest carpet cleaning solution for cleaning fur and remains from your pet is to mix 1 cup of water and 1 cup of conditioner for laundry and spray the mixture onto the carpet using a spray gun. This solution will help to collect the fur more easily with a vacuum cleaner: after treatment, it will stop clinging to the carpet.

You can use special mittens to comb out cats and dogs that are sold in pet stores. One side of these products is rubberized, and animal wool to it sticks. Walk with such a glove not only on the back of your pet, but also on the carpet - this will remove most of the fluff.

In general, the best friend of pet owners is a vacuum cleaner. You should take it as a rule to use it, at least 2 times a week. This is if you have a small animal. But if there is a Saint Bernard, Newfoundland or Chow-Chow in the house, it is better to keep the vacuum cleaner ready all the time. After all, it is much easier to remove single hairs that have not been trampled into the carpet than to remove the "fur coat" from it.

How to Clean the Carpet if You Have a Cat?

If you are a lover of cats, to the fur on carpets can also be added and unexpected spots with a sharp characteristic odor. Even brought up cats begin to leave them in the most inappropriate places, if a child, another animal has arrived in the house, guests arrived, a repair or a change of the situation occurred. In short, if the cat is frightened, troubled or offended, then expect the appearance of urine on the carpet. The cause may also be a dirty tray or an accidentally closed door to the room where it stands.

But cat's urine has a very sharp and unpleasant smell due to the high content of ammonia. Therefore, it is important to remove not only the spot itself, but also to remove its smell. Otherwise, the animal decides that this place can be used as a permanent toilet. And this problem can make even the most cold-blooded and loving owner of himself, destroy an established everyday life, ruin an expensive carpet or upholstered furniture.

If the urine stain was on the floor, it is enough to wash it with any chlorine-containing product - bleach and disinfects, and kills the smell. But in case the animal "liked" the carpet, especially the colored, chlorine-containing products will not work - they can wash off the dye from the product and damage its pile.

To remove traces of cat disgraces from the carpet and get rid of the pungent smell, you can use a simple carpet cleaning solution - using the tools that are always in the house.

To begin, carry out the preparatory stage: thoroughly pat the wet spot with a hygroscopic cloth or paper towel. If the puddle has already dried, soak it with water and in the same way dry it.

  • Dilute table vinegar in water in a ratio of 1: 3 and soak the stain. Leave for 2-3 hours.

  • (Note: When working with vinegar, open the windows to ventilate the room).

  • After the carpet has dried a little, abundantly sprinkle the stain with baking soda.

  • Next step is to mix 1 teaspoon detergent (dishwashing shampoo or liquid soap) with 1/3 cup 3% hydrogen peroxide solution. Using a sprayer, apply liquid over spilled soda.

  • Gently rub the stain with a brush and leave until dry. Do not use hard brushes and do not rub the carpet against the pile.

  • Remove dry soda from the carpet with a vacuum cleaner.

To cope with urine smell, you can try the following carpet cleaning solution:

For dark carpets a weak solution of potassium permanganate or iodine (10-20 drops of iodine per 1 liter of water) is suitable. The solution must be applied to the stain for 5-10 minutes, then rinse this area of the carpet with clean water.

How to Maintain the Carpet when You Have Children?

Seeing chewing gum on the carpet is unpleasant, but not as scary as you might think. It's easy to cope with a chewing gum on clothes - put it in the freezer and then remove the hardened substance. But carpet size of 2x3 meters in the freezer is not to be put, but you can put ice in the package. After which everything is simply removed. Another way to remove a chewing gum from the carpet is iron the carpet through the napkin; you can also heat the surface with a hairdryer. In such ways, you easily remove the dirt from carpets or upholstery.

If you have children, you have to know how to remove vomit remains and stains. When the children are sick, they won’t always have time to get to a bathroom or a toilet. As a result, a person faces unpleasant secretions on the carpet, furniture, clothing or inaccessible place. If the vomit is not cleaned immediately, the smell of emetic secretions will last a longer time and it will be very difficult to destroy it.

To remove the smell of vomiting from the affected surface it is necessary to use such agents as:

  • Baking Soda

  • Odor neutralizer

  • Means for manual cleaning of floors

  • Odor removing agents for pets

Begin cleaning the surface with the removal of remnants of vomit. To do this, you need to use rags or sponges. Do not use hot water, because the fragrance can become even sharper and more absorbed into the surface. After removing the dirty spot sprinkle the area with soda and leave it for a long time. When the soda dries, it is vacuumed, and the trace from it is washed out with liquid. Soda has an alkaline basis, and emetic masses are an acidic medium. When mixed, a chemical reaction occurs and the odor disappears.

However, with large, deeply ingrained spots of vomiting, soda can not cope with the removal of odors. In this case it is necessary to use modern chemical means for cleaning the coverings and upholstery of furniture, they can relieve the stain and even the smell of vomiting. Also, many such products have the property of neutralizing odors. Choose a suitable tool, you can carefully read the instructions for use. It indicates the content of alkali, for removing stains and odors. It is better to choose those funds whose alkali index is higher.

In addition to chemical agents, use odor neutralizers sold in car chemistry stores. It is worth remembering that each of these products can cause an allergic reaction. They should be used at a time when children and animals are not in the room.

Removal of vomiting from surfaces

A beneficial carpet cleaning solution for removing contamination by unpleasant vomit is applying baking soda on the surface. It is well suited for removing the remnants of vomiting filler for the toilet of your pet. It must be poured on the affected area and left for a long time, then collected with a broom. All negative effects and stains will be absorbed into the filler. It keeps in itself all the unpleasant odors. It will remain to wipe the surface with a damp sponge.

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