Best organic carpet cleaning products on the market for your home carpet cleaning?

Best organic Carpet Cleaning Products

If your carpet looks worn, pale, has lost its attractive appearance, do not rush to send it to the trash. Modern organic carpet cleaning products are able to return the carpet to the former appearance, cleanse of stains, freshen the color, remove the Carpet & Upholstery Cleaningsmell. In this article we offer you to get acquainted with the best products that have proven themselves in the market. Among the list of favorites, you will undoubtedly find a suitable option.

So, today our rating of the best organic carpet cleaning products is headed not by expensive and advertised products, but by simple domestic ones, which turned out to be the most affordable, effective and easy to use. As a result, we want to note that every dirty carpet requires an individual and integrated approach. The use of different tools will help to perfectly clean the carpet, preserving its beauty. Successful purchase!

Carpets made of natural materials create a cozy atmosphere in our homes. In winter cold it is impossible to imagine your home without a pleasant and warm pile under your feet. In addition, carpets are an economical alternative to warm floors. But over time, they lose their original color and absorb different spots.

And if at first the usual vacuum cleaner copes with the removal of small contaminants, then after a certain time the housewives have to look for an effective means for cleaning carpets. Which composition should I prefer: chemical reagent or organic carpet cleaning products? In this issue, there is no right answer, because the funds are selected depending on the type of stains, coating nap and the complexity of the contamination.

Every housewife should have available detergents for cleaning carpets. Consumer feedback suggests that cleaning only with a vacuum cleaner is not able to maintain the original purity and brightness of such a coating. The most popular detergents are best method of cleaningsoft shampoos, forming thick foam and coping easily with household pollution.

For stained areas on the carpet, stain removers are used. You can find universal cleaning products on the market. These compounds should be treated with caution. After all, there is no truly universal means for removing all types of pollution.

Some rules for removing complex spots

It is best to remove fresh spots immediately. As soon as an incident happened, the detergents for carpet cleaning will come to the rescue. If you can not clean the stain perfectly from the first time, then you will have to resort to more radical measures. If the stain is large, do not pour the entire composition onto it at once. It is better to test it on a small patch of spot.

Shop chemical compounds are suitable only for synthetic nap, for natural fiber carpets you need to use organic cleaning products for cleaning carpets. In this case, avoid getting on the stain of hot water - this will only exacerbate the problem. Do not abuse brushes with a hard nap to avoid damage to the carpet surface. After completion of the procedure, the wet area is well dried. The stuck dirt, and also the ink are well removed with undiluted lemon juice. It is squeezed directly onto the stain and left for 1.5 hours, then wipe the problem area with a damp sponge.

Best Organic Cleaning Products for Home Use

What are the good aspects of homemade cleaning methods? First, almost all the components that can suddenly be needed are always at hand. Organic cleaning methods are available and do not cost much money. Secondly, such methods are absolutely safe and do not damage the quality of the coating and its pile, which can not be said about the chemical compounds.

The fact is that the carpet is made up of a base to which pile is glued. Under the influence of chemical reagent, the adhesive layer is capable of breaking down, the pile wears out, bald patches are formed, and the presentable appearance is lost.

If housewives are asked to recommend the best organic carpet cleaner, they will undoubtedly name the vinegar solution. The composition is prepared in this way. Take a regular household spray; lay in it in equal proportions baking soda and laundry detergent. Most often, one tablespoon of these ingredients is used. Then pour into a container of 1/3 cup of vinegar, and in the end, supplement the contents with hot water. Spray it on the surface of the carpet. For cleaning use not a brush, but a sponge. At the end of the procedure, rinse with water.

If there is blood stain on the carpet, then no means will help, except for cold water. The old bloody stain is first soaked, covered with a damp cloth, and then removed with a sponge. A fresh stain is much easier to remove. Fresh drops of tea or coffee are taken out with a soap solution, and in the old, first they rub the glycerin for about half a day. To remove the chewing gum, it must first be frozen. To do this, apply pieces of ice to the problem zone, after freezing the cud is removed with a scraper or knife.

Alcohol stains are removed with the help of warm water with the addition of a spoonful of vinegar. Vinegar neutralizes the smell of spilled alcohol, so that it does not interfere with a comfortable existence, the stain should be removed immediately. To achieve the greatest effect, use a soap brush.

It is very difficult to remove fruit juices, rests of berries or chocolate. Old spots are practically not removed. In the cases with the products listed, the cleaning of carpets by household means must be carried out immediately. To help in the destruction of fruit and berry dyes, as well as spilled drops of wine will help soap and vinegar. Soap should not be rubbed directly into the carpet, for the cleaning procedure, you need to dilute it in the vinegar solution. Cleaning is carried out with a brush. Such a gentle solution can be used several times until the contamination completely disappears, then the place is wiped with a damp cloth.

Ammonia is also used for extermination of wine stains. The best means for cleaning carpets from greasy spots is talcum powder. You can also use crushed chalk in the same quality. A fat stain is sprinkled with talcum, and then, covering the blotter with a sheet, iron the squished area with an iron.

Fat must be absorbed into the blotter. Sometimes to absorb the fat place sprinkled with sawdust, previously soaked in gasoline. In this case, the composition is left on the problem site for several hours and must be thoroughly ventilated.

How to clean a carpet with Vanish?

There are various chemical means for cleaning carpets that can be successfully applied at home. The most popular means for carpets is Vanish. Its unique formula is capable of removing even outdated spots.

The way of using Vanish for carpet cleaning:

·        Do a mechanical cleaning of the carpet.

·        Next, you need to properly prepare the solution. It is at this stage that many people make the mistake, which leads to negative consequences. A strongly concentrated solution eats away the color, after which the coating looks pale; and a weak solution poorly displays dirt. Therefore, vanishes are diluted with water in a proportion (1: 9). The water temperature should not exceed 40 ° C.

·        The solution is beaten until thick foam is obtained, which is the main function, not the liquid solution.

·        Using a hard brush, apply the solution to the coating and vigorously rub in circular motions. Work should be done with protective gloves.

·        If only a spot is to be removed, the foam is applied locally. If you want to refresh the carpet, then, consequently, the foam solution must be spread over the entire surface. It should be noted that the carpet before cleaning should be slightly moistened, but not wet, so that there is no shrinkage.

·        Vanish must stay on the carpet for at least 2-3 hours. If the carpet is heavily soiled, then it is best to leave it overnight, while the room needs to be ventilated and not walk on it.

·        After cleaning, the carpet must be dried. The best option would be if you take it out to the sun.

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