Best Way For Car Upholstery Cleaning

Best Way For Car Upholstery Cleaning

Many people are curious to know what the best way for car upholstery cleaning is. In fact, some people prefer the standard and economical method to clean the interior with a detergent and a damp cloth, while others tend to try far more unconventional methods in pursuing their goal. Probably you have heard from relatives and acquaintances that they perform car upholstery cleaning with products like baking soda, ammonia and even coca-cola. Many people say that these seemingly crazy techniques have a positive effect on the car interior. However, you should try them by yourself if you want to find out whether they can really transform your vehicle.

Undoubtedly, the best solution for your car is to leave it in the hands of professionals to handle car upholstery cleaning. You could take the car to a nearby car wash where you will return the previous glitter of your car. If you are not waiting for queues or there is no car wash near you, which offers quality service, you can take advantage of a very good and efficient service - car cleaning on the spot. Many cleaning companies offer this service with great success. So do not be surprised if you meet somewhere on the street, in front of the block or in front of your work, a team of professionally trained hygienists to clean someone's car.

The main advantage of professional car upholstery cleaning service is that expert cleaners save you a lot of time. We all know how long it takes to clean the car in a car wash. About two hours. At least half an hour is your way to the car wash. In most cases, you have to wait till your car is washed because there are other vehicles in the queue. Separately, the entire washing process takes not less than 1 hour (when it comes to interior and exterior washing). If you take advantage of the on-site car cleaning service, the time you will need to spend is no more than 10 minutes! Five minutes to meet the cleaning team and tell the experts some important information about your vehicle and 5 minutes to pay off for the procedure.

So if you need an answer to the question: "How to clean our car in the easiest and most efficient way" - then the answer would be - By hiring the most popular professional cleaning company in London – Prolux Cleaning!

Prolux Cleaning is undoubtedly one of the most used car upholstery cleaning firms in London. It has thousands of satisfied customers who guarantee for the perfect quality procedures Prolux Cleaning offer. Moreover, Prolux Cleaning works only with eco cleaning products and uses hot water extraction method which eliminates all the dirt from the upholstery. Moreover, this method is helpful for eliminating all bacteria on the upholstery.

However, if for one reason or another you can not save enough money to take advantage of this service, the only thing left is to grab the cloth and take a preparation to clean your car. Unfortunately, however, you can hardly achieve the same effect you would get from the services of professionals in the field as they use professional preparations of world-renowned manufacturers that you find hard to find on the market.

What you should do to improve the interior of your vehicle?

First, test the stain remover before using it on your upholstery. Make the test on small invisible corner. If you have leather upholstery in your car, pretreat it with leather conditioner. After that, apply the stain remover and wait about 30 seconds to act. Then wipe the stain with damp cloth.

For more persistent stains, you may use a cloth, dipped in alcohol. Keep in mind you should not apply too much alcohol because you will damage the seats.

If you have to cope with greasy or oily stains, for instance stains from lipstick or food, you may use a solution of paint thinner and water. They have to be in equal amounts. Soak a cloth in the solution and clean the stain. After that, spread some salt on top of the stain. Leave the salt to act for several hours and clean with a vacuum cleaner.

If you have to remove coffee stains from your car upholstery, you can dilute the stain with water. Then blot with a paper towel. An important advice you should follow is always to blot the stains. Never rub them because they will penetrate deeper into the fabric. If the coffee stain is still there, apply some dishwashing liquid and rinse with warm water.

However, if you have expensive car interior, you’d better not risk ruining it with these methods. Either use professional car upholstery cleaning services or purchase high quality detergents.


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