Best Way To Keep Your Car Interior Fresh and Free of Stains

Best Way To Keep Your Car Interior Fresh and Free of Stains

Have you ever asked yourself which the most important car upholstery cleaning tips are? I mean the cleaning methods everyone should know. I am sure if you have a car and you are maintaining its interior by yourself, you have hesitated whether you are using the proper car upholstery cleaning methods. Here we will reveal you some secrets about best way to keep your car interior fresh and free of stains:

When you are cleaning the upholstery, don’t apply too much water. There are several negative consequences of this wrong action – appearance of mold, long time for drying, water stains on the upholstery and bad odor inside the vehicle. If you are using a steam machine to keep your interior clean, regulate the level of steam. Also, pay attention that the nozzle does not remain on one spot for longer than necessary. Steam cleaning will eliminate bacteria and germs from the seats. Also, it is considered to be the best way to ensure that no chemicals remain in your car.

Choose cleaning products for your upholstery carefully. You should apply a product that is specifically designed for your type of seats. Factors like color, age and material of the seats are important when making that choice.

If you are prone to allergies, you’d better go for natural ways of car upholstery cleaning. The most used products are white vinegar, baking soda and lemon juice. In fact, these products are used not only for car upholstery cleaning but also for carpet cleaning and oven cleaning as well. You can refresh your fabric upholstery with baking soda. Spread the baking soda all over the seats and leave it to act for the night. Clean the next day with a vacuum cleaner. The effect of baking soda is removal of offensive odors from the upholstery and brightening of the seats. In addition to that, baking soda is used for getting rid of old stains.

If you want your car to smell pleasant, you should stick to the rule not to eat inside the vehicle. Also, don’t allow smoking in the car. To prevent the appearance of unpleasant odor, you have to clean stains immediately.

Deep clean your car upholstery on every 2-3 months. For that purpose make a mixture of 1 cup of vinegar, dish soap and a gallon of hot water. Spray the upholstery with this mixture and leave it to stay for 30 minutes. Then, rinse with water and dry. Open the windows to air the upholstery.

If you have leather interior, you should clean it with water and low pH soap. Also, apply leather conditioner to protect the surface from cracking.

Even the most persistent stains can be cleaned with a glass cleaner. However, you have to test the cleaner in advance on small invisible corner before applying directly on the stain.

It is well known fact that hairspray can be used for cleaning ink stains. If you have forgotten an old newspaper on the back seats, you will need hairspray to clean the ink traces. The hairspray needs to stay for several minutes to absorb the stain completely. After that, wipe it off.

When performing car upholstery cleaning procedure, remember to take the floor mats out of the car, before vacuuming the interior. You can clean them with plenty of water and leave them to dry out.

Often when people clean the interior, forget to clean the interior roof. It also absorbs bad odors and can be stained. You have to use car upholstery cleaner to take care of the condition of the roof. The cleaner has to be applied with microfiber cloth. If you have to perform surface cleaning of the roof, you should do it with soft bristled brush and upholstery-safe cleaner. If you are going to deep clean the interior roof, keep in mind that high temperature and moist will wet the glue that holds the layers together. So be very careful not to damage your interior roof. Deep cleaning of the roof can be done with steam machine.

When you are cleaning the car interior, don’t forget to put protective gloves on your hands. Also, you need to empty the vehicle from all the unnecessary staff you keep inside. Open the doors of the car to let some fresh air in. When you have to cope with some stubborn stains, blot them. Never rub stains because they will penetrate even deeper into the fabric.

However, if you don’t have time for car upholstery cleaning, leave your car in the hands of professionals. If you haven’t tested Prolux Cleaning services, you should do it! Prolux Cleaning uses exclusively safe cleaning products for maintaining car upholstery.

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