Breaking Some Myths May Be Useful For Your Carpet

Breaking Some Myths May Be Useful For Your Carpet

Breaking Some Myths May Be Useful For Your Carpet

There are different myths about carpet cleaning in London. For many people carpet cleaning is only an affair that should be done once a year while for others they do it regularly. Let’s found out some belief among people and what is actually correct.

Deep cleaning can replace regular vacuuming

As regular vacuuming needs effort many people say that it is not necessary to vacuum the carpet regularly. Just deep clean it and it would be enough. However, this is not true. Both are required for keeping your carpet dust free and germ free. While you should vacuum your carpet weekly, you need to deep clean it at least once a year.

Clean carpet only when it necessary

It is a common belief that carpets should be cleaned only when it becomes necessary. This is because they believe that cleaning the carpet frequently would ruin the fibers of the carpet. Reality is a bit different. If you do not clean the carpet regularly the gritty particles may damage the carpet. So, follow a regular regime for carpet cleaning.

If you hire professional carpet cleaners they would ensure that your carpets are cleaned properly and the fibers too are not damaged.

Clean carpets only when stains are visible

Another common belief that should be changed is that you have to clean your carpet after you see stains visible on them! Stains are visible when your carpet is full of dust. It is not only dirty but also unhealthy too. So, if you wait for the stains to appear and then clean your carpet, you are doing a huge mistake. Rather make it a habit to call professional carpet cleaners to clean your carpet on regular basis.

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