Car upholstery cleaning is especially important for keeping the air in the vehicle fresh

Steam Deep Car upholstery cleaning - Fresh interior

 professional carpet cleanerCar upholstery cleaning is especially important for keeping the air in the vehicle fresh. The usage of effective cleaning products and powerful equipment will assure you best protection of your interior. If you prevent your seats from soiling, you can save your car for several more years. The most common stains on the upholstery are caused by food and juices so it would be great if you can stick to the rule not to eat or drink inside the car. Unfortunately, most people cannot imagine starting their day without a cup of strong coffee on their way to work. It has been proved that hundreds of thousands of people spend more time in their vehicles being compared to the time they spend in their own homes.

Because people nowadays are too occupied with their work, they don’t have enough time for car upholstery cleaning. For that reason, this is very popular service, offered by many cleaning companies in London. If you schedule such service, the expert cleaners will come directly to your address and will take care for the cleanness of your vehicle. You won’t waste time driving the car to the car wash, waiting on the queue while other vehicles are being cleaned, and then waiting some more time till your own car is cleaned and washed.

What is more, professional cleaning firms apply tested and verified to be safe cleaning products. They won’t put the health of their clients and employees at risk so if you choose expert car upholstery cleaning service, you have nothing to loose. The price for the service is reasonable and you can test different companies, till you find the right one for you. If you don’t like the services of one company, next time you will contact another and the problem is solved!

Expert cleaning companies use the steam cleaning method for eliminating germs and bacteria from car seats. Basically, steam machines are very expensive equipment and the average car owner cannot afford purchasing this equipment. It is well known that steam cleaning is the most efficient method to preserve the interior in the car. Hot water extraction method is a very strong technique to clean hard surfaces in the vehicle’s interior. Another advantage of using steam cleaning method is that it eliminates mold and mildew, and leaves the cleaned area perfectly fresh. Let’s not forget that steam is highly efficient method to clean seats, vents, consoles, etc.

If you have expensive leather interior, you should use leather conditioners on regular basis to prevent the leather from cracking. If you don’t know what product to apply, you should contact a professional cleaner for advice. Car upholstery cleaning should be done with great attention to details. If you have decided to handle the procedure on your own, you need to pay attention on edges between the seats. You may use a toothbrush for easier removal of the dust.

For leather upholstery you may use wet wipes to clean the surface dirt. They are also helpful for cleaning fresh stains. You also have to keep paper towels in your vehicle, just in case you have to absorb spilt liquid. For instance, if there is coffee spill, dilute the liquid with cold water and then use the paper towels to absorb the liquid. If the stain is still visible, leave it to dry and then spray it with a glass cleaner. Let it act for 5 minutes and then blot the stain. Glass cleaner is incredibly effective for coping with the most stubborn stains.

Most greasy stains on car upholstery can be cleaned with paint thinner. Apply the paint thinner with a cotton cloth and rub gently. After that, spread some salt on the stain. Leave it for several minutes to absorb the grease. Finally, collect the salt with a vacuum cleaner. Another method to cope with greasy stains is to cover the place with cornmeal. Leave it to stand for a night and clean with the vacuum cleaner the next day.

If there are ink stains on your car upholstery, you will clean them with the help of hairspray. The most common mistake people make is leaving newspapers for a week or more on bright leather upholstery. If you do that, you will see that lines from the newspaper are printed on your seats. You can also use salt for coping with ink stains.

Bloodstains, no matter whether they are caused by human or animal blood, have to immediately cover it with a paste of dry laundry starch and cold water. Never pour hot water on blood stains! After you have applied the paste, allow it to dry. Then brush the residue away!

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