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Car Upholstery steam cleaning

 If your colleague asks you whether you could give him a drive, how would you react? Would you agree immediately or would you think of some excuse because you are too ashamed from your filthy interior? I don’t know what would you do but if the second option seems familiar to you, you’d better check our suggestions how to maintain your car interior clean. Here we have collected some useful car upholstery cleaning tips which do not require from you to purchase expensive machines or preparations. If you take regular care for your vehicle, it will be in relatively good condition for long period of time. Of course, it is always better to use professional car upholstery cleaning procedures. These procedures are affordable and if you choose Prolux Cleaning for your provider, you will be amazed that top quality services come at lower price than you have expected.

So what you should do keep your car clean and fresh? If you haven’t clean it recently, the first thing you’ve got to do is get rid of all the litter you keep in your car. Then take out all the unnecessary staff that just takes place into your car. Once you’ve freed the space in your car, take the floor mats out and wash them with plenty of water. Then place them on some sunny place to dry completely. You can return them in the car only if they have dried completely.

After you have done this, turn on the vacuum cleaner and vacuum the car interior. You may use an old toothbrush to clean the edges between the seats that collect most dirt. If you spread baking soda on the seats and leave it for several hours to act, you will enjoy fresh upholstery, free of unpleasant odors.

Probably you haven’t heard but glass cleaner can be used for removing stains from your car seats. You can use it for coping with old stains on your upholstery at home as well. However, be extra careful when you do this because the alcohol that is contained in the glass cleaner may damage the fibers and colors of your car seats. For that reason make a small test of the glass cleaner on invisible corner of the seats.

I am pretty sure that it has happened to you more than once to spill the coffee while you are driving. Coffee stains are not so tough for removing but you have to act fast. You have to absorb the liquid as soon as possible. No matter what liquid you have spilt, it has to be collected immediately. For that purpose keep soft paper inside the car just in case you spill some liquid. Wet wipes can help for removing food remains from the upholstery.

There are various reasons which can cause bloodstains on your seats. When you are injured or you are bleeding, removing the blood stain will be the last thing you are interested in. So probably when it comes the time for car upholstery cleaning, the blood stains are already dry. The only thing you should not do is try to remove them with hot water. There is a rule that bloodstains can be cleaned only with cold water. If you have tried to clean them with hot water, you have a proof that this makes those stains irremovable.

Another very useful tool for car upholstery cleaning is paint thinner. It is especially useful for getting rid of greasy stains and is as effective as glass cleaner. However, remember that paint thinner may cause fading of the colors of the upholstery so you have to test it before applying on the whole upholstery.

If there are some pen stains on your upholstery, take the hair spray and apply it without hesitation on the stain. It will remove ink stains very easily.

If you are organizing a party and you have just purchased several bottles of alcohol, be very careful to drive them safely to your home. In case a bottle brakes down and spills over your seats, pull over the car and dilute the liquid with water as soon as possible. If you don’t react immediately, the alcohol may damage your upholstery and you won’t be able to get rid of the strong odor. For sure, if there is spilt alcohol in your car, you will need to call a professional cleaning company to help you cope with that smell.

Don’t spend a minute, thinking over the question which company to choose! Follow our advice and you won’t be sorry! Prolux Cleaning is the most reliable cleaning firm in London, working with the most competent and experienced specialists. Moreover, it offers special discounts to loyal clients!

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