Simple Way to Remove Grease from Carpet

Simple Way to Remove Grease from Carpet

 It’s obvious that you love eating pizza, hot dog, spaghetti, and many other food items. What is more obvious is that these foods spill either on your dress or on your carpet. Now, these are greasy stains that are hardtop remove from the carpet. If ever such greasy food spills on your carpet, you must clean them as soon as possible. This is urgent as if you do not do that these stains would be hard to remove.

For carpet cleaning in London you would need certain items

Things you will need

Before you tart with the work of removing the stain, collect the following items

  • Dry Cleaning Solvent 
  • Paper towels
  • Households ammonia, cold water and liquid soap
  • Vinegar mixed with water
  • Spray bottle with cold water in it
  • Vacuum cleaner

Removing Greasy Stain

Now let’s start the process of removing grease from the carpet.

Start blotting the area where the food had fallen with paper towels. Be sure that you are not scrubbing the area. Now take solution as per the fiber of your carpet and spray it over the stain. Once done, blot the region again with dry cloth. Remember that you should not use the same cloth everywhere; you need to ensure that for every spot there is fresh cloth used.

You need to repeat this process till any stain can be noticed any further. Now, once done spray cold water over the area and again blot it with dry paper towel. Once done, you can press the area with a dry towel by putting some heavy book over it. If required leave it overnight so that it gets dried. Finally to make things normal, dry the area using a vacuum cleaner.

You can do it yourself or call professional service to ensure that grease is removed from carpet. If you want your carpets to be cleaned at a professional level then trust to Prolux Carpet Cleaning.

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