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Carpets must bear quite a substantial amount of abuse and in a passage of time it starts to emerge in a form of a general wear and tear. Which in turn diminishes their look and steadily destroys the carpet. Irrespective of the fact was it made of natural or synthetic material, each carpet begins to display signs of fatigue after some time. However replacing carpets frequently is not the best way to spend your hard earned money - consider high grade commercial cleaning for your carpets. We live in a century with high Technology and our team work with them every day! About this you can save your money for new carpet and you can call us to renew your!

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Just choice us! It‘s very easy! Our job is to make your Carpet and Rug to llook like a new one! Call Center with nice and friendly people, who can help you to make a booking! Professional Mobile Team with big years experiens. Special Machines with an extraction method. The perfect results!

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To protect your family from Bacteria and infections you can take now professional Deep Steam Cleaning which will remove all of this bad for the people substances.

If you want to keep your carpet made of vegetable textiles in excellent condition, on the first place you should clean it regularly with a vacuum cleaner, which is really indispensable for maintenance of floors covered with carpets. If you have to clean dirt, then you should know that this type of fabric is not as resistant to stains as synthetic and woolen carpets and it gets dirty much easier. Another key factor at process of cleaning carpets made of vegetable fibers is their drying. It should be done in the shortest time possible, for example by using a blower stove or other heating device. These devices have to be turned on the lowest power in order not to damage the fabric of your carpet.

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There two major methods that give great results in such cases, called steam carpet cleaning and dry carpet cleaning. Prolux Carpet Cleaning, which is the most successful carpet cleaning in London, uses both ways of cleaning. We have specialized team who knows which cleaning technique is more suitable for your floor covering. What is more, the members of our staff go over regular trainings in order to have perfect results. They treat stains from coffee, tea or wine with different detergents which are eco-friendly, therefore absolutely safe for your family and domestic animals. Unlike most detergents offered on the market, they do not cause any allergies, rashes or respiratory problems. As we want to continue being the most preferred carpet cleaning company in London,we provide our astonishing maintenance 24/7 365 days a year.

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