Carpet Cleaning Machines We Use

Carpet Cleaning Machines We Use

Any furniture with a fabric surface becomes dirty over time: dust, dirt, grease spots - this is an incomplete list of what can be seen on the armchair, sofa or carpet. Often, to remove complex dirt and stains, special equipment is required for dry cleaning of carpets and upholstered furniture, which of course is not at hand, because professional carpet cleaning equipment and for upholstered furniture cleaning is a whole class of equipment. It includes:

  •    special washing vacuums
  •    rotary machines
  •  carpet cleaning machines
  •  devices for drying coatings.

With the help of this technique, a comprehensive qualitative cleaning of soft coverings is carried out in hotels, sanatoria, private homes. Let's get acquainted with the miracle technique closer, in order to understand how expedient its use is.

EFFECTIVE CARPET DEEP CLEANINGThe reason for the need for regular cleaning of furniture and carpets are not only dirt, stains, but also dust mites, whose dimensions do not exceed 0.1 mm. Ticks are considered the most common "pets", because on 1 m2 can detect up to 200 000 parasites. They form up to 80% of all domestic dust and can cause asthma, eczema, and other similar diseases in people prone to allergic diseases. People may not even suspect the causes of their ailments, and in fact the habitat of ticks is just furniture, mattresses and carpets.

According to foreign experts, after professional cleaning of furniture / carpets, the population of parasites is reduced by 70-80%. And if you neglect cleaning, then only for a week the number of bloodsuckers increases by 30%. Therefore, dry cleaning of carpets and upholstered furniture at home is simply necessary, and it is better to do it with the help of professional equipment that will not only reduce labor costs, cleaning time, but also improve its quality.

Carpet cleaning equipment not only removes sand, dirt from the base of the products, but also "combs" the pile of the coating, making it not only perfectly clean, but also simply flawless. In the process of working, the equipment uses special chemical means to cope with the most complex spots.

Since professional technology is created in accordance with high standards of quality, reliability, ergonomics, it is possible to use such devices for a long time comfortably, conveniently and effectively.


This technique is a kind of professional washing vacuum cleaners. This equipment for dry cleaning of carpets and upholstered furniture works on this principle:

  •   the extractor under high pressure feeds the washing solution
  •   at the same time it rinses, collects the already used product.
  •    Such equipment has a large capacity and productivity, which allows removing any stains and dirt from the carpet base.

Professional drying

This type of cleaning equipment is used in the final stage of cleaning, as it not only delicately dry upholstery and carpeting, but also allows to exclude the possibility of deformation, shrinkage of coatings.

The main advantage - professional drying do it delicately, without heating. The use of such equipment for cleaning carpets and upholstered furniture allows you to quickly remove moisture residues after cleaning or wet cleaning.

Use of special equipment in dry cleaning

In order to understand how appropriate it is to include interior items in dry cleaning, let's look at how different types of equipment are used in institutions providing services in this direction:

  •       Getting into the laundry, the carpet is served at the check-in desk. On the table there is an automatic accurate measurement of the canvas (within a few seconds).
  •       The data is transferred to a computer connected to the laundry network, where an automatic calculation of the cost of services occurs.
  •       The product is moved to the dust cleaning equipment. Such adaptations quickly and efficiently remove all sand, dust, and other particles that do not dissolve in the water from the carpet.
  •        The cloth is fed to the carpet cleaning equipment (machines for washing them). The decorative coating is cleansed step by step: initially the fabric is pre-washed and then the main one. The process ends - rinsing and rolling the carpet into a roll.

    The work on the equipment is carried out with the help of special brushes, to the extent of rigid and sparing. Each model of equipment for cleaning carpets is equipped with a different number of similar devices.
  •      The process continues the centrifuge, which, due to rapid rotations, removes excess moisture from the product. This method significantly reduces the drying process of the carpet.

    Some types of carpet products need to be combed. For this purpose, tables with special brushes are provided for gentle combing of the pile.  Professional drying quickly and effectively bring the canvas to dry condition. At the last stage, carpets are fed to the packing table, where they are vacuumed again, if necessary, glued edges, rolled up for storage and transfer to the client.

Undoubtedly, when it comes to high quality carpet cleaning, Kercher is the name that comes to mind. Kercher offers high-performance and reliable equipment for effective general and maintenance cleaning of carpets, as well as removing stains from them.

Vacuum cleaners for cleaning carpets equipped with suitable accessories allow you to use them for cleaning upholstery of upholstered furniture and car seats, and high build quality, guarantees a long service life.

Each stage of production of Kerher devices and equipment is tightly controlled; you can be assured of the quality of assembly, economy and long service life of any equipment for cleaning and cleaning, regardless of the price and class of the equipment chosen.

Professional washing vacuum cleaners

Kercher's compact cleaning vacuum cleaners effectively clean any textile surfaces - carpeting, upholstered furniture, office chairs or car seats. Their powerful suction turbines guarantee very low residual moisture of the cleaned surfaces.

Carpet cleaners

Offered by Kercher carpet cleaning machines guarantee a thorough and cost-effective general cleaning of large carpeting. They not only perform the function of a washing vacuum cleaner, but also realize a new technology of intermediate cleaning of carpets.

Carpet Dryer

The powerful and highly efficient Kercher blower is compact and low-noise. It ensures the rapid drying of rooms after their flooding or carpet flooring after wet cleaning - drying of carpets. The blower is equipped with a handle for carrying and a coil for winding the cable.

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