Carpet Cleaning Sprays - Do they really work?

Carpet Cleaning Sprays - Do they really work?

Carpets are that part of the furnishings in our homes, which has the ability to create cosiness, comfort and warmth, just like no other furniture or piece of decoration. If your family has children, be aware that the carpet is their greatest temptation.

Perhaps you have seen more than once how babies admire every hair or residue of food, found on the fluffy and loving carpet at home? Carpets are like a magnet for all kinds of microbes, from which we have to protect our children and pets. The vacuum cleaner does a good job, but when it comes to dust and microbes, professional preparations and methods are the best solution for you.

 There are, of course, those of you who have long been thinking whether to trust their carpet to professionals or to take care of themselves. Those who have enough time probably have tried to clean the carpet with sprays. Before you reach for the next bottle of spray, think first how safe it is for your health and then – is it more effective than a natural cleaning product.

How Safe Carpet Cleaning Sprays Are?

What ads do not tell you is that most sprays and detergents in general contain toxic chemicals and that so-called “household” chemistry can be one of the most serious sources of toxins along with industrial food, contaminated air and mass cosmetics. Long-term exposure to certain hazardous chemicals contained in massive detergents may cause many health problems.

Toxins from cleaning agents fall into the body mainly through the lungs by inhalation and through the skin in contact, if you clean without gloves. Remember – use protective gloves every time you clean your carpet.

Natural Carpet Cleaning Spray 

If you want to try an effective and yet natural method of cleaning your carpet, prepare yourself the following products: baking powder, white vinegar and detergent. What you have to do is to sprinkle baking powder or soda on the carpet or specific stain. Wait for at least 10 minutes to act and then collect the substance with a vacuum cleaner. If you have to deal with dry stain, spray first with water to moisten. Then, mix 1 tablespoon of white vinegar and 1 tablespoon of detergent in the bottle with the pump. Add the two glasses of water and spray the affected area. It is best to use an empty bottle with a pump. However, if you don’t have one, immerse the sponge in the solution and apply it to the stain. Then dip with a cloth until the liquid is absorbed. If the stain is stubborn, a hard brush may be used, the tip of which is immersed in the solution. Rinse with cold water only.

The Right Way to Use Carpet Cleaning Spray

There are many effective carpet cleaning sprays on the market and not all of them are dangerous for your health. Professional and quality carpet sprays are much more affordable than you think. If you have problem with stains and spills, caused by children or pets the use of professional cleaning agents will ensure the perfect condition of your carpet. You will not believe the difference that professional spray will do.

Nowadays, there are many different cleaning sprays, each of which has a different purpose. Before using the product you have chosen, be sure to read the label on the packaging. There are, for example, a lot of preparations that can be too strong and can damage your carpets. Therefore, it is good to look for quality detergents to clean up efficiently.

If you really care about your carpets, it is always good to do a test before using a spray for the first time. Before treating the stain on the carpet, it is good to test the spray on a part of the carpet that is hidden beneath the couch or the wardrobe. With little attention and time, you can avoid making a serious mistake with the use of a non-suitable carpet preparation.

Although it is important to clean your carpet, it is good not to overdo it with cleaning. Cleaning the carpet several times a week will only damage the quality of the carpet as the fibers will get bumpy or faded.

How to Cope with Any Type of Stains? 

When it comes to coping with stains on the carpet, the most important factor is how fast you would react to the problem. Did you know that it's easier to cope with spots that are much more stubborn in nature, but you're about to take them out immediately than with spots that are generally easy to clean but you just do not are you going to clear them at the moment?

One of the most typical examples is blood stains that can be cleaned if you immediately place the stain under cold running water. However, this must be delayed immediately before the blood begins to clot.

Red wine is often described as a "death sentence" and a radical ruin of your favorite carpet or rug at home. Indeed, wine stains are terribly stubborn and can break you with their arrogant stamina for any kind of cleaning preparations and techniques you can think of.

Red wine, however, also has its own weaknesses. For example, baking soda and apple vinegar in combination can be more persistent than wine and make it quickly fade and gradually clean it out completely.

A very important and delicate moment in spot cleansing is the technology you're trying to fix. You should not rub the stains because it can cause them to spread over the carpet and consequently lead to an inability to clean it.

Instead, prefer to clean them with paper that absorbs very well. As you stride the movement are from the periphery to the center of the stain. This will limit the area on which there is spotting and locate the stain on a small area.

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