Carpet cleaning tips:Camden

Carpet cleaning tips:Camden

It is well known that carpets collect dust and stains on them are quite difficult to be removed. Here are some useful advices that will make carpet cleaning quicker and more efficiently.

Dry carpet cleaning - it may seem odd, but each step in the process of cleaning the carpet has its specifics - specific temperature and time. If you do not read carefully the requirements of detergents you can ruin not only the color of the floor covering but also its tissue. Before you start cleaning your new carpet, you should determines whether it is made of synthetic material, or it is  woolen. Furthermore, note on what type of surface it is paved - impervious surface, moisture absorption basis or laminate. Then consider what technology will work: wet or dry. 

The first thing you should do is to remove stubborn stains, then you have to proceed to the dry cleaners. It is done with a vacuum cleaner.

Wet carpet cleaning - This is a difficult and complicated process. First, collect the dust with a vacuum cleaner. Then brush with synthetic foam remove grease. Then turn on the water / steam vacuum cleaner. Finally, dry with electric, if necessary, and leave the carpet to dry. It is possible to undergo antistatic treatment - removal of static electricity on deodorants - to remove odors. As you can see the cleaning of the carpet is not quite a simple task and not proceed with this action with extreme recklessness.

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