Carpet Cleaning with Harmful Detergents

Carpet Cleaning with Harmful Detergents

 If you watch several ad blocks on TV, you will stay with the impression that if you want your carpet to be clean and smell fresh, you will need the army cleaning and perfuming agents. Liquid, powder and spray products promise to transform your carpeted flooring in seconds without the need to know different carpet cleaning tips. Some of these preparations even will take care as balm for your hands!

What the ads do not tell you is that most cleaners contain toxic chemicals which can be one of the most serious sources of toxins along with industrial food, polluted air and mass cosmetics. Long-term exposure to certain hazardous chemicals contained in the mainstream detergents may be the cause of many health problems such as difficulty in conceiving, complications during pregnancy, breast cancer, birth defects, endocrine and hormonal imbalances, asthma, allergic reactions, skin problems and others.

Where toxins hide?

Toxins from carpet cleaning products fall within the body primarily through the lungs by inhalation and through the skin when touched ie if you clean without using protective gloves. The situation is equally dangerous in preparations for washing dishes and those for washing carpets. For that reason, whenever you are about to clean your carpet, place protective gloves and mask on your face. It is extremely important to avoid the use of toxic preparations. You have probably heard that there are many useful carpet cleaning tips which offer you 100% safe methods for maintaining your carpet.

Carpet cleaning detergents pose a cocktail of chemicals, not all of which are listed on the label. For example, the term "fragrance" can refer to several hundred chemicals including dangerous phthalates that have negative effect on the immune, endocrine and reproductive system. Part of the preparations that whiten carpets, actually contain additives to produce a brilliant film that emit blue and create optical illusion to the eye.

The effect of toxic household chemicals is not only on your health but also on the environment! A study conducted in the United States nearly 10 years ago, tested samples from various reservoirs across the country and found remnants of household cleaners in 69% of the samples!

In 2011 a US non-governmental organization Women Voices of the Earth (WVE) funded an independent laboratory to test 20 popular cleaning product to 5 leading companies.

Laboratory analysis found in products phthalates, 1,4-dioxan, chloroform, toluene and known allergens. None of which is stated on the label of the product!

According to analysis of the results in the report the effect of toxins in cleaning products is different in men and women. Women are at higher risk because they are generally more involved with cleaning and hygiene at home and spend more time at home. The female body has more fat tissue, namely it accumulate dangerous toxins. Most disturbing is the fact that besides the blood traces of dangerous toxins have been detected in breast milk and even in the bodies of newborn babies. In other words, if a pregnant woman uses in household toxic cleaners, it runs the risk of exposing both - her and the baby before it is born! Therefore, when working with pregnant women or couples planning conception expert cleaning companies apply eco-friendly detergents!

You should do the same thing! Always go for eco carpet cleaning tips! One of the most widely known carpet cleaning tips is removing stains from bright carpets with the help of baking soda. Take several boxes of baking soda from the nearby market and go home. First, use the vacuum cleaner to clean the carpet. Then apply the baking soda on its surface. Spread it generously. It has to cover the whole carpet, especially the areas with stains. Leave the baking soda to act for minimum 4 hours. It would be best if you leave it to stay for one night – 12 hours. On the morning all you have to do is to vacuum the substance from the carpet.

Another very useful method for cleaning greasy stains is applying salt on the stain. However, this technique is effective only if you apply salt immediately – while the stain is still fresh.

Yesterday I faced the problem with nail polish stains on my carpet. I left my two-year-old daughter alone for 5 minutes and when I came back I sensed a strong smell of nail polisher. I was shocked because my favorite carpet was covered in stains. I had heard that these stains can be removed with non-acetone nail polish remover. For that purpose I used white cloth and dipped the cloth in the mentioned substance. I checked how it will react on one stain and I was happy to see that the stain was gone. There was no discoloration of the carpet so I continued with the other nail polisher stains. This is a helpful advice – always test the cleaning product on invisible place on the market.

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