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Prolux Carpet Cleaning is a well-established steam cleaning company based in Catford. We work inSE6 and all sections.

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Deciding which is the ideal carpet maintaining business in Catford is requiring a lot of knowledge and comparison between different carpet cleaning companies. You may be emotionally attached to your carpet if it is a gift from your mother or grandmother. Hence, it is of great importance that you rely on such a carpet cleaning agency that is honest and dedicated to client's satisfaction too. At this time, before you make the decision of any company for carpet maintenance in Catford, it’s very important that you do a research on your own by collecting information for different carpet cleaning companies. Various companies have different policies for carpet cleaning and they prefer using various detergents and equipment too. So, before you hire a carpet cleaning company be convinced that it is the most appropriate for your carpeted flooring.

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Thank you for being the best carpet cleaning firm in our city! I fully rely on you for guaranteeing save atmosphere for my 2 year old daughter. I have placed natural fiber carpeted flooring which is really soft and fluffy. It is a great place for her to play on. I take regular care for it – I vacuum it every day but still I am not satisfied by the results. One day I peeled her banana and gave it to her but in stead of eating she started playing with it. She smashed it on the floor and even though I tried to clean it immediately, a huge stain remained on that place. I tried removing the stain with wet wipes and also with special cleaning solution but nothing helped. I left the stain for a week but every time I entered the Emily’s room it was the first thing I saw.

I have heard deep carpet cleaning should be performed twice a year for eliminating dirt and bacteria. I haven’t used this procedure before but I thought it is high time to do it. A friend of mine had told me about your company. She also had a small child and she emphasized on using exclusively eco-friendly detergents. I have to say scheduling a cleaning procedure was easier than I have expected! Also, the expert cleaners who performed the washing technique did a fantastic job. The carpeted was softer and fresh smelling, without a single stain on its surface. It was so pleasant to see everything is just perfect without the need to put efforts for it. I will use your carpet cleaning procedures again!

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