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Our family company has been cleaning Central London homes and commercial facilities from more than eight years. We are proud to be London City's best and most reliable Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning Specialists!

We all desire to live and work in a spotless and fresh environment, also it shouldn't cost a fortune if this is possible at all.

Let me introduce you to Prolux Carpet Cleaning - Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning in Central London! We are providing households and office managers with exceptional carpet cleaning and care since 2006 and are recognized as the company to call when your home/business needs an expert hand!

We are THE Specialists when it comes to steam carpet cleaning, but we are not limited to carpets and rugs! We can offer full service pack for all your dirty sofas, mattresses, also curtains and car upholstery. If you can mess it up - we can clean it!

Most of our highly trained staff is with us from the beginning in 2006. All of them are competent and qualified to bring you eco-friendly service whenever you need help with sanitizing!


Prolux Cleaning is maintaining carpets and upholstery for over 8 years in Central London and the immediate vicinity, also working in the nearby cities outside M25 highway. For Prolux Carpet Squads quality comes first and money comes second. At Prolux Cleaning we are not doing a quick "in and out the door" services, but we do all that it takes to exceed our clients' expectations. We pay attention to each and every detail like stain cleaning and carpet disinfecting, so you become a Prolux Carpet Cleaner’s customer for life. Here's a small list of things that our experts will do for you:

  • Arrive as scheduled (all areas inside M25 and also nearby towns and villages)
  • Be in uniform - ProLux Cleaning Brand and Logo should be readable
  • Be easy to talk to - always polite and seasoned with a smile
  • Listen to your wishes and your instructions
  • Ask you upon completion, prior to making payment whether you are totally satisfied with the cleaning
  • Charge cheap, we work with the most competitive prices

Don’t be surprised if you get a quality control call from us a couple of days later.

At ProLux Cleaning, perfection is our goal, but excellence will be tolerated.

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As we all know, carpets and rugs are one of the most expensive items in a household or a business - costing tens of hundreds of Pounds. Professional maintenance, done on a regular basis, will save you both money and time, also will provide you with many years of comfort. If it's done correctly, the steam cleaning is the most efficient method ever.

Here is a fact, that all of our clients can confirm - hot water extraction(vapour) cleaning will provide not only surface sanitizing - it will assure that the inside - all fibres - will be thoroughly washed. Also, a far superior result will be achieved with spot removal, while sanitization will be done via the cleaning process to eliminate bacteria and germs.

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All manufacturers advise - the carpets must be treated professionally at least every six months (especially, if you have children or pets). Your carpets and area rugs may look fresh, but every day abuse, specially after entering from outside, contaminates your flooring. Regular hot water extraction cleaning is not only going to bring out your carpet’s appearance, but also prologue the carpet’s life.

At ProLux Cleaning we only use industrial steam cleaning equipment. Using only the best brands of equipment and solutions - Pro Chem and Ninja, combined with the long term relations that we have with all our staff, can guarantee that our customers will receive the nothing but the best cleaning service in Central London! We can send in one operative or a whole team, be it morning, noon or night, ProLux cleaners are at your service!

Steam carpet cleaning

Bacteria Ban Treatment (Sanitizing) is actually a necessity, if some of your family members are asthmatics, or if your children have cats and/or dogs that have become a part of the family and are regularly indoors, or if you are unsure of the previous tenants. Germs Ban is a complete killing of germs and bacteria, leaves a fresh aroma and is in no way adverse to children, pets or plants.

How long does it take to dry?

At Prolux Cleaning we only use highly effective machines to steam-clean your carpets, not small portables like the domestic ones you will sometimes stumble across. Our professional grade machines will give your carpets a thoroughly clean with less drying time due to the highly effective suction vacuum and output spray sections.

Conventionally 2-3 hours are to become the drying time of carpets, providing you have opened the windows to allow the carpets to dry. Just like hanging clothes on the roof on a windy day, when drying carpets it’s the same principle. The more air circulating around the carpet, the quicker it will dry. Remember that it’s not the warmth that turns the carpet dry, but the circulation of air.

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