Car Upholstery Cleaning Tips

Check our car upholstery cleaning tips!

Before sitting in your vehicle, take a quick look around! Do you see all the waste on the back seats? Empty coffee cups or remains of food that is causing awful smell. Yes, now you actually find out that the air-freshener doesn’t help anymore for eliminating the bad odor. What can you do? Well, you can start with throwing away all the litter from your car and opening the windows to let some fresh air in. What should you do next? Check our car upholstery cleaning tips!

The most common mistake people make when cleaning the car upholstery is applying too much water! Using too much water doesn’t mean that you will remove the stain easier! On the contrary, if you apply too much water, it will take so much time to dry that eventually the car will start smelling of moisture. Mold may appear on some places of the upholstery that haven’t dried out completely. Also, some stains shouldn’t be diluted with water. Pay attention not to wet the metal portion of the seats – for instance, zippers. Due to water application, they may rust!

Keep in mind you should not try removing blood stains with hot water. Remember that car upholstery cleaning rule! Never apply hot or warm water on blood stains! Those stains are diluted only in cold water and after that appropriate detergent is applied. If you don’t know what cleaning product to use for removal different types of stains, you’d better rely on professionals for car upholstery cleaning procedure.

If there is unpleasant odor in your vehicle, you can try the following advice to remove bad smell. Fill two bowls with white vinegar and place them inside the car. The one should be located in the back seats, while the other should be placed on the dashboard. Leave the bowls with vinegar for the night. Meanwhile, keep the windows closed. Vinegar will absorb the bad odors from the car, but the liquid itself has quite strong odor. The next morning, take the bowl out of the car and leave the windows, and even doors, open till the vinegar odor in the car is gone.

Another way to remove bad odors, especially from the upholstery is to spread baking soda on it. You will need to use several boxes of baking soda, not just one. Leave the baking soda to act for the night and vacuum the seats the next morning. Baking soda will refresh the seats and will remove bad odors from them.

If there are visible stains on your seats, you can try removing them with homemade cleaning solution. What you have to do is mixing a cup of warm water and ¼ cup of baking soda. First, take a toothbrush and apply the mixture on the stain. Leave it to act for half an hour and then you are ready for the second stage of the car upholstery cleaning procedure. The second phase of the process involves usage of the following products: dishwashing liquid, warm water, ¼ cup of vinegar and a spray bottle.

Once the 30 minutes are gone, wipe the mixture with clean cloth and spray the stains with the solution of the products, we described before. Use a stiff-bristled brush and carefully work the solution. You have to leave this solution to act for 15 minutes. At the end, use paper towels to absorb the solution and leave the windows open to speed up the drying process.

Other useful methods for car upholstery cleaning are the following:

Baby wet wipes: they are especially helpful for cleaning leather upholstery. Also, they are can be used for cleaning most types of stains. However, the greatest effect is achieved if you clean the stains while they are still fresh.

Clear ammonia: a mixture of ammonia and water can be used to brighten colors of your carpets. However, many people do not use this car upholstery cleaning method because ammonia has strong odor. If you have asthma, you should not use this cleaning tip.

Dry cleaning cloths: they are cheap and accessible tools for removing stains from your car seats. The greatest advantage of using these products is that they leave very fresh smell in your vehicle.

After all, car upholstery cleaning takes several hours and if you don’t have so much time, it is better to use professional cleaning services. They are more decent than you expect! Professional cleaning companies work with equipment and preparations that are highly effective and really expensive. The average car owner can’t afford buying such equipment. Once you have found the right cleaning company, stick to its services! Regular car cleaning will improve your quality of life! You will be happy to show off with your brand new interior!

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