Treating different Upholstery fabers - Upholstery cleaning in Chelsea SW3

Why You Should Call Prolux Upholstery Cleaning Chelsea?

Prolux upholstery cleaning Chelsea was founded 15 years ago. During this time, we have proven ourselves as responsible executors of cleaning services. Using the best chemicals and professional equipment allows us to provide the highest quality services. Huge practical work experience allows us to solve the most complex production tasks.

We can not guarantee you that all stains on the carpet or upholstered furniture will disappear. If you hear from anyone this statement – this is a lie. Some old spots, unfortunately, can not be removed, especially if you have tried to clean them with inappropriate cleaning method or preparations.

We can promise you our maximum efforts. Our vast practical experience allows us to cope with very complex pollution, and professional chemicals and equipment perfectly complement the cleaning process.


Fabric Upholstery Steam Cleaning Prices
2 seater sofa £45
3 seater sofa £60
Armchair £23

Leather Upholstery Cleaning Prices
Armchair £30
2 seater sofa £55
3 seater sofa from £70

Best Upholstery Cleaning Chelsea

upholstery cleaning ChelseaDry cleaning of upholstered furniture is the most necessary service that gives a second life to your favorite interior items. We will remove all stains and eliminate unpleasant smells from your sofas and armchairs. Professionally executed cleaning of upholstered furniture always guarantees an excellent result. Thanks to the use of properly selected equipment and chemicals, Prolux specialists ensure not only the cleanliness of the furniture, but also complete disinfection.

upholstery cleaning ChelseaDepending on the type of contamination, the following types of upholstery cleaning Chelsea can be used:

1. Steam cleaning method allows us to completely clean soft furniture items from old and strong contaminants. During the procedure, up to 95% dust is removed, as well as dust mites are destroyed. The work of the extractor is an important stage in the deep cleaning of upholstered furniture. In order to understand what it is, let's try to figure out what the extractor machine is.

The principle of operation is quite simple - a detergent is injected and sprayed from under the brushes to which the surface of the carpet or upholstery is being processed. Spraying occurs under pressure. Simultaneously with the injection of the detergent, moisture is sucked from the cover by a strong water pump. Joint and systematic work on the injection and drawing of detergent gives the effect of leaching of the contamination, there is a kind of replacement of the dirty liquid with a clean one.

Simultaneous operation of these two elements of the extractor, does not allow the coating to be waterlogged.

2. Dry upholstery cleaning Chelsea, used to clean specific type of furniture. Prolux professionals use special powder granules, which gently rub in the nap to achieve the highest quality result. The synthetic remnants are removed by a vacuum cleaner.

The most basic stage of dry cleaning is dry vacuuming. At this stage, preparatory work is under way related to the removal of large debris and cleaning of accumulated dust in hard-to-reach places and on the surface of the product. Upholstered furniture or carpet, which will subsequently be dry cleaned, must be completely cleaned of any dry types of dirt.

Do not underestimate and ignore this type of work, as, in the future, it can lead to poor-quality cleaning, which will manifest itself as dirty stains and stains on the product. After all, poorly cleaned dust, in contact with water or moisture, turns into mud. Therefore, do not neglect such an important step in dry cleaning of textiles.

Why Choose Prolux Upholstery Cleaning Services in Chelsea?

Cleaning the upholstered furniture at home is not as simple as it might seem at first glance, besides the fact that it is unacceptable to leave a stain for cleaning for later. You should carefully test any new cleaning agent advised by shop assistants or friends who have already tried it. For every piece of upholstered furniture, it is necessary to select specific cleaning method. If you don’t want to experiment with your expensive upholstered furniture, leave the stains and problem with discoloration to professionals! Prolux have proved to be the most experienced and dedicated expert cleaners in Chelsea!

If you have tried all the methods of home cleaning a sofa or an armchair and none have coped with the task perfectly, you can invite Prolux team of professionals. The guys will help to cope with the pollution on the furniture quickly and most comfortable for you and your family.

For cleaning furniture with fabric upholstery high-quality professional tools are used. The products are highly effective and hypoallergenic. Such products can not be found on sale in a hypermarket, so ordinary household cleaners do not go to any comparison in terms of efficiency with the funds used in their work by cleaning firms. The main stage of dry cleaning is the use of an extractor device, which draws dirt and all excess moisture from the upholstery, after which the furniture remains almost dry.

Specialists of our company, specializing in upholstery cleaning Chelsea, have tremendous experience in this field. For many years of work, many problems of varying degrees of complexity were solved.

In our work we use the specialized equipment of the world famous companies.

Honest attitude and professional cleaning of sofas are laid in the DNA of our company. We always strive to outdo ourselves in order to satisfy customers as much as possible.

Treating different Upholstery fabers - Upholstery cleaning in Chelsea SW3
BEFORE Sofa Cleaning £45 AFTER
upholstery and Upholstery steam cleaner - Upholstery cleaning in Chelsea SW3
residential Upholstery cleaning service - Upholstery cleaning in Chelsea SW3
BEFORE Sofa Cleaning £45 AFTER
Glen Vincent

I was hesitating whether or not to call a professional cleaning company to take care for my sofas for months. I thought that I don’t need this service and that I’d better buy new sofa instead of wasting money on cleaning. However, my sister called Prolux and scheduled a cleaning service. Two years ago she had purchased light beige huge sofa. She has 5 years old daughter and she had literally painted the sofa with her pastels. This year my sister’s son was born and he caused several urine stains on the sofa. All in all, it looked miserable. Actually, I was very jealous at her when she purchased the sofa because it looked gorgeous! And it cost a ton of money! Just two years later it was destroyed!I came to see my sister on the next day after the cleaning service. The sofa looked like a brand new! It was incredibly clean and smelled very pleasant! All the stains from pastels and urine were gone! There was no harsh chemical odor, like the one from the preparations I use for cleaning! And when I find out what the price for the service was, I was totally convinced I will book a cleaning procedure.In fact, I called Prolux immediately! I was lucky that they could come at my home on the next day! I was very anxious to see the transformation of my sofas! I wasn’t disappointed at all! The same spectacular result was achieved! I was really impressed because my sofas were 10 years old!For sure, from now on I will use Prolux services regularly! I have recommended them to all my colleagues and neighbors!

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