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Prolux Carpet Cleaning is a well-established cleaning company stationed in Chesham. We cover all areas of North-West London.

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Our carpeted flooring washing business in Chesham applies only environmentally-friendly preparations which is of great significance if you would like to focus on taking care for both – your family’s health and the planet. You apprehend how risky chemicals can be as they are the main reason for allergies, eye irritation, respiratory issues and rashes.Most people see the health risks of contamination is outside, and never fear about their own apartments. Actually, according to studies the air in our houses is much more unsafe in comparison to the air outdoors. And great per cent of the dirt goes deeper into the rug where it is accumulated for ages until you take advantage of expert carpeted flooring cleaning processes in Chesham. Every housewife is informed that the carpet should be vacuum cleaned probably several times every week. The truth to be told, even if you take care for the carpeted flooring daily you still cannot remove all the crumbs from the rug. If you take the decision to clean the carpeted flooring at home by yourself, you will invest a lot of time and hard work and it is impossible to score the same ends as deep carpeted flooring washing in Chesham. In addition, you may apply unsuitable cleaning products which can fade the colors or harm the beautiful carpet. You should know that many of the cleaning solutions offered on the market contain toxic ingredients which are very bad to toddlers, domestic animals and pregnant women.

If you have a problem situation with your carpeted flooring and do not know how to solve the problem, contact our professionals and our professional cleaners will assure the superb support you need. Prolux Carpet is a family business, established 10 years ago in Chesham that at the moment presents its cleaning procedures in all areas of the city, as well as your neighborhood – Chesham. In our cleaning services we apply exceptionally tested cleaning solutions that are made with significant thought to the planet. These preparations do not have any fabricated or toxic ingredients which is a huge advantage. Furthermore, we apply the very famous and secure way for maintaining – professional carpeted flooring washing. It has remarkable results even when it is about stains from wine and juice that are best known for being cleaned extremely difficult.

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I want to share my sincere appreciation with you! You saved my favorite highly expensive carpet from the damage, result of my clumsiness! While I was changing the toner of my printer I dropped the bottle of ink on the floor. You know how tough for removal ink stains are so I felt really frustrated. Moreover, my carpeted flooring was brand new – I have brought it home 2 days ago and it was sparkling white. I have saved money for the last 6 months in order to purchase this specific carpet. I got a bit panicked and I didn’t know what to do. My husband came from the other room to see why I what has happened. He was using your services for carpet cleaning in his office so he had your number, written in the phone.

5 minutes later he told me you are on your way to our house. I was just amazed! I haven’t ever heard for such fast reaction by any carpet cleaning company. When Brady and Jack arrived, the stain was still fresh and it seemed very easy for them to cope with it. Just half and hour later, the stain had vanished and everything smelled fresh. I am telling about your company to all my friends. It seems like a fairy tale. You are the good guys, having special equipment and skills, coming to save me and my gorgeous carpeted flooring. You are my heroes! Without hesitation, I recommend you to anyone who needs emergency and highly effective cleaning procedure.

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