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ProLux is a Chigwell based professional carpet cleaning company, a leading provider of steam cleaning services in the area. We are experts in the field of smell and stain removal, and we'll leave your carpets in their best possible condition. Our method of cleaning carpets is eco-friendly and harmless to adults, babies and pets alike.

All our professional cleaners are highly trained and certified experts in the cleaning industry. They're armed with the latest steam extraction machines, which are suitable for any type of carpet and upholstery. To receive a free quote for your first professional carpet cleaning service, simply call our 5-star customer service team today!

Keep your carpets looking fresh

Professional cleaners, such as us, can help extend the life of your carpets and keep the carpet colours fresh for longer. Steam cleaning also significantly improves the overall air quality in the air by removing allergens from your carpet flooring. Experts recommend having your carpeted deep cleaned once every few months, and even more frequently if you have pets or children.


  • We provide with the most affordable carpet cleaning services in Chigwell
  • We work every single day, including weekends and Bank Holidays, with no extra fees
  • We clean all kinds of natural and synthetic carpets and rugs
  • We remove stains and unpleasant odours
  • We use high quality eco-friendly cleaning solutions
  • We make use of the most advanced steam extraction cleaning machines

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How do we perform steam carpet cleaning?

Our professional cleaner will firstly examine your carpet to determine its type. All stains and marks will be pinpointed, and the most appropriate machine power and temperature settings selected. The carpet will then be hoovered in order to remove the surface layer of dirt, dust and debris. Any remaining dirt particles will later be dissolved by our powerful steam extractor.

Next is the application of an eco-friendly pre-spray product which enables the best possible stain removal results. While our cleaner waits for it to react with the most soiled areas, he will fill up his machine with water.

The already heated water is now sprayed under very high pressure deeply inside, in between the carpet fibres. Due to the sheer power of our professional equipment, most stains won't stand a chance. About 95% of the moisture is simultaneously into the dirty tank of the machine.

Assuming Stain Protection was included by the respective customer, it will now be applied to the freshly cleaned carpet. The invisible layer of spray stays there for roughly a year, and it will make the task of stain removal easier for you. At this point, all that's left is to let the carpet dry out, which normally takes a couple of hours. Ventilate well or turn on the heating to speed up this process.

Always there for you

Apart from bookings in advance, we are also able to assist you with emergency same-day cleaning services. Accidents are bound to happen, and it's not always possible to wait a week or two for the job to take place. This is why ProLux has technicians all around London and the vicinity, always ready to come and clean your carpet. 

How to get in touch with us?

By far the fastest way to reach us and to schedule a cleaning is to give us a call on 020 3318 6387! We are also available on WhatsApp on this number: 07828 541311 - just mention your postcode once you start the chat. For other general inquiries or further information about our cleaning services, simply submit a free quote or enter the live chat.


Dry cleaning's main advantage over steam cleaning is the ability to use the carpet straight after the cleaning service. If you're unsure what's the most suitable cleaning method for your carpet, simply get in touch with the carpet manufacturer.

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How Much Does Carpet Cleaning Cost in Chigwell?

Carpet CleaningPrices
Single bedroom£20
Double bedroom£25
Living roomfrom £30
Dining room£25
Hallwayfrom £10
Staircase (maximum 16 steps)£25
Landingfrom £5
Commercial Carpet Cleaning£1.20 – £2.00 / sq.m.

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Frequently Asked Questions

All ProLux professional cleaners are fully insured and certified carpet cleaning experts.

Yes, we offer this after-care service, which is very helpful against new stains and marks.

Yes, we also clean all kinds of upholstered furniture (sofas, office chairs, etc.).

We cannot guarantee that all stains will come out from the cleaning session. Your carpets, however, will be cleaned to the highest standards by our trained and experienced technicians.


  • Certified and Insured Cleaners
  • 100% Safe Cleaning Solutions
  • Most Affordable Prices
  • Local Carpet Cleaners

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