Cleaning Floors Walls and Driveways

Cleaning Floors Walls and Driveways

Not long ago I found out I was pregnant and that was the primary reason my husband and I decided it is high time to purchase our own house where to create a home. Till that moment we were living with his family for seven months after the wedding which is a really stressful situation. We didn’t have enough savings for the home of our dreams but still managed to find out a beautiful house which was cheaper because of the condition it was. Actually, it was gorgeous old house which didn’t need many repairs but was incredibly dirty. Nobody has lived there for 10 years and everything was in dust and dirt. There were grease stains on the driveway which were really repulsive. They were the very first thing you notice about the house. Also, the one thing that grabbed my attention instantly was the massive brick masonry on the house. It was really impressive but again needed thorough cleaning. When I entered inside the house it was very difficult not to take into account the grime that was covering the floors and the walls. However, despite all these problems we fell in love with the house and got it. Now it was time to cope with the problem areas inside and outside the house.

I faced a lot of questions I needed an answer – do I need several cleaning products to clean everywhere or I could bring everything in perfect condition just with one multi-surface cleaner; is there a cleaning product which can fight the stubborn stains on the driveway and if there is such detergent why the previous homeowners haven’t used it? I was also worried that I wouldn’t be able to clean the walls and the whole house would have to be repainted. Probably the greatest concern that I had was that I was pregnant and most detergents contain toxic chemicals. I was afraid not to hurt the baby so the major characteristic the product/ products I was searching for was to be eco-friendly.

Having all these problems in my mind, I started searching for the right tool which will convert this old dirty house into a sparkling clean home. The first thing I did was asking all my friends for advice. I hoped at least one of them has gone through the same situation but I was disappointed. Then I started searching in internet for people, sharing the same problems and concerns. It was not difficult to find such people but all of them were recommending products which were severe and toxic. I had almost given up when I found the answer to all my prayers - Axiom Clean Multi-Surface Cleaner B457 by Prochem Kärcher Group. The thing that caught my attention to this amazing cleaner was that it was absolutely safe. It does not contain harmful ingredients and can be used in homes where there are babies or small children which are prone to allergies.

After I was convinced it is green product, I checked whether it can help me clean the various types of surfaces of my house. It was described as multi-surface cleaner which was formulated for use on floors, walls, countertops, and appliances. I ordered this product immediately and received it on the next day. I decided to start from cleaning the grime floor inside the house, to continue with the walls and then to move on cleaning the exterior of the house.

I read the instructions carefully where it was written how to dilute the product. There was specified amount of liquid to be diluted for light cleaning, general cleaning and heavy-duty cleaning. I chose the heavy-duty cleaning and mixed up to 32 ounces per gallon of water. My husband helped me in cleaning as it was a lot of work and 2 days later we finished washing all the surfaces inside the house. When we turned around we couldn’t believe what marvelous effect we have accomplished with Axiom Clean Multi-Surface Cleaner B457. Everything was perfectly clean – the walls, the floor and even the countertops. All the sticky oils, greases, grime, and soils were gone. The walls looked like fresh painted and under the grime on the floor it was revealed a beautiful wooden floor covering. Moreover, there was a pleasant fresh scent which was not typical for a powerful cleaning product. We were so contented by the results that we went straight away to clean the driveway. We were so inpatient to see the results. We applied a small quantity of the liquid on the auto grease stains on the driveway and after several minutes they were completely vanished.  

I recommend Axiom Clean Multi-Surface Cleaner B457 for anyone who needs a thorough cleaning of different surfaces inside and outside the house.

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