Cleaning Leather Upholstery and Leather Interiors in Vehicles

Cleaning Leather Upholstery and Leather Interiors in Vehicles

Leather furniture is well known for its top quality and high prices. It is believed that it makes the home more stylish and cozy, and gives special atmosphere to every room. Moreover, leather furniture is extremely comfortable and gives luxurious appearance to the home. Another point is that leather upholstery is extremely durable and can last for decades if you take care for it. There are leather sofas and couches which are almost 100 years old which can still be used according their purpose. Buyers of leather furniture consider that purchase as an investment. Having leather upholstery means you don’t need to buy new pieces of furniture on every 5 years. That way you are saving money by getting more expensive and better quality product. If have purchased an old house with old leather furniture in it, but you are not a fan of old pieces of furniture, you can easily find someone interested to buy it. There are thousands collectors of antique leather furniture. Leather furniture has always been a sign of style and specific status in society.

Any leather furniture should be maintained well in order to enjoy it longer. No matter if you are going to sell old leather sofas or you are going to purchase new ones, you need to know how to clean them and keep them in the best condition possible. Although leather upholstery is especially durable, with the time there are visible changes in its look. Cracks appear on its surface and the color fades. In order to avoid these problems, you need to take care for it regularly by vacuuming and applying the most appropriate cleaner. However, if you weren’t able to protect cracks on the surface of leather furniture, you should learn how to cope with those problems for the future.

Prochem Kärcher Group’s Leather Conditioner E675 is exactly the product you need. It is the second product from the 2-step leather care system, created by Prochem Kärcher Group. The first product is Leather Cleaner E672 which is used for removing the dirt from the surfaces of your leather upholstery. It has mild pH and can be applied also on belts, shoes, leather bags and car upholstery. Leather Conditioner E675 has to be used after Leather Cleaner E672. It protects leather from pre-mature cracking, peeling, and aging. It is appropriate for usage on the most popular leather furnish for furniture - pigmented or protected leather. After you use the 2-step leather care system you will notice that the leather furniture looks incredible. You won’t see the difference between your leather sofa and the same leather sofa which is brand new. The color of the leather upholstery will be refreshed and the overall condition of the pieces of furniture will be magnificent.

Leather Conditioner E675 is the best product for leather, offered on the market. It comes into a compact bottle, ready to use. There is no need to dilute it and you cannot apply it the wrong way. All you have to is to open the bottle and pour a small amount on a dry cloth. Leather Conditioner E675 has a cream structure which makes it extremely easy for use. Its pH is 5.0 – 7.0 which means it is very gentle towards leather. One of the greatest advantages of this product is that it does not leave greasy residue.

I just love leather as a material because of its incredible qualities and that is why I have a leather interior in my car, and also leather upholstery at home. My advice is if you are going to purchase leather furniture, bags, shoes or belts, you need to learn how to take care for them in advance. If you decide to make a present of your wife and give her a high – quality leather bag, she will just be fascinated with that gift. She could use the bag 10 years or even more. All she needs to do is apply those two remarkable cleaning products from ones in a while. Both of them have mild pH which makes them safe not only for the leather bag or whatever leather item you are going to clean, but also for your hands. There is no need to put yourself protective gloves when you use Prochem Kärcher Group’s Leather Conditioner E675 or Leather Cleaner E672.


If you are a woman and want to surprise your partner, do not buy him a new sweater. Get him something he will really enjoy using. Every men loves taking care for his car. If your spouse has leather interior in his vehicle, surprise him with Leather Conditioner E675 and Leather Cleaner E672. That way you will show him you really understand his needs and share his love to the car.

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