Cleaning Leather Upholstery and Vehicle Interiors

Cleaning Leather Upholstery and Vehicle Interiors

Many people are attracted to the look of leather interiors in vehicles and that are one of the primary reasons for purchasing specific car. Think for a second that you have liked a specific mark and model of automobile and you are starting searching second hand cars in good condition. Two cars grab your attention – they are both in fabulous condition and almost look like brand new ones. However, one of them has a beautiful black leather interior and that is the key factor that makes you favor this vehicle. Basically, leather interiors look stylish and speak of luxury. Everyone wishes to have such interior in his/her car. It is important that vehicles with such interior are considered higher quality than those with ordinary fabric seats. Also, you can sell leather interior vehicle easily and fast, especially if the leather interior is in superb condition. That is the reason why you should choose the cleaning detergent carefully. Do not trust cheap leather cleaners because they may damage the leather of your car. On the other hand, even if they have some effect, it doesn’t last for long period of time. Many specialists recommend avoiding wetting the leather of your interior because this will harm the condition of your seats.

First of all, it is of great importance to know that leather interiors should be cleaned with appropriate detergent, designed specially for cleaning leather surfaces. You cannot maintain your car with a universal cleaner. Second of all, you need to use high-quality leather cleaner with mild pH in order to remove the heavy soiling without damaging the surface of your interior. Third of all, the best leather cleaners are suitable for use on all kinds of leather surfaces – upholstery, vehicle interiors, shoes, belts, handbags and luggage. This means they are multi-functional and are not advertised as cleaners for vehicle interior only.

I am a professional in maintaining leather interior cars and I have more than 8 years experience in this sphere. Through these years I have tested various types of detergents and I know which the best for maintaining your leather interior are. Undoubtedly, Leather Cleaner E672 by Prochem Kärcher Group is the best 1-step cleaner I have ever used. You should combine it with Leather Conditioner E675, again offered by Prochem Kärcher Group, in order to complete the 2-step leather care system. All the cleaners, included in the list of products of Prochem Kärcher Group are incredible quality and accomplish superb results in cleaning. This is the brand, recommended by specialists in maintaining leather surfaces, carpet cleaning and maintaining various types of upholstery at home. Prochem Kärcher Group offers products, specially designed for professional use, and also top quality products, which can be used both by experts in their business and amateurs.

If you want to maintain your vehicle interior by yourself, but you are afraid not to damage it, you can use Leather Cleaner E672. It is an excellent cleaner, which you can get at very reasonable price and removes all the dirt and oils, covering the surfaces in your car. It is a cleaning product, used by professional cleaners at their work. So even if you rely on an expert cleaner to improve the look of your leather interior, it is very likely he will use the same product. Why don’t you save some money from the cleaning procedure and cope with the problem by yourself? It is recommended to take both Leather Cleaner E672 and Leather Conditioner E675. Leather Cleaner E672 will gently remove the dirt from the seats from the interior while Leather Conditioner E675 will nourish the leather, leaving it soft and supple.

You will be fascinated with the results you see from the very first cleaning procedure. If the leather interior in your car is brown or red you will notice the change instantly. Black leather interiors hide the dirt better and that is why although the car is thoroughly clean, the results won’t be so obvious. The colors will be instantly refreshed and the smell the car will be more pleasant. All the dirt from the cracks in the leather will be gone and the feeling of seating in perfectly clean car is incredible.

You can use Leather Cleaner E672 for maintaining the leather upholstery at home, too. If you have a gorgeous leather sofa at home but it seems old and shabby, you can change its look easily. Just vacuum the surface and then gently remove the dirt with Leather Cleaner E672. Pay more attention to the areas between the pillows and the corners of the sofa. Moreover, you can apply Leather Cleaner E672 on your shoes or belts and you will see the remarkable change.

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