Cleaning the Carpet from All Types of Stains

Cleaning the Carpet from All Types of Stains

Have you tried to create the perfect home? You spend days or weeks on choosing each particular item that you want to be a part of your life – the furniture, the curtains and, of course, the carpets. You pay such great attention to details because it is not an easy task to convert an ordinary house into an exceptional home. Finally, when all these decisions are made and everything is on its place, you feel wonderful. Now you have the ideal cozy and clean place which smells fresh and pleasant.

However, let’s return to reality and check this amazing place a few months later. All its beauty is gone, covered in dust and dirt. The carpet is covered in all kinds of stains – the ones from the morning coffee, you spilt by accident; those from orange juice your kids poured on the carpet while running from one room to another (meanwhile you were shouting at them not to run because they will drop the cups of juice but they were not listening). Do you see that grass stain in the corner of the bright rug which your husband brought in with his shoes, coming from the garden? Now go into the dining room and check the carpet under the table – stains from fish, eggs, gravy, etc. – of course, you are a fabulous cook but not so capable carpet cleaner! But we are not finished – in order to have the dream home you got a puppy, so cute, that everyone would be jealous of your life, taken from a movie. As a result, in addition to the other awful stains, you have remains of urine, feces and vomit on the carpers.

I find myself into such situation and I felt desperate. Although I invested many hours a week in cleaning the house, I couldn’t overcome those stains and spots on the carpet. Some of the detergents I purchased were effective in cleaning coffee stains, while others could get rid of urine and vomit stains. I needed one cleaning product that could help me maintain my carpets in best condition, without any stains on their surfaces. I did a little research and I found what I wanted – Pro Spotter B121 by Prochem Kärcher Group. This exceptional product was effective in removing all the various stains I had on my carpets. Moreover, it can be applied not only on synthetic fibers but also on natural fiber carpets, area rugs, and upholstery. Actually, it can be used even for fine fabrics.

Now, when I have tested Pro Spotter B121 on the stains I mentioned before, I am fully convinced it is the most remarkable spot and stain remover that exists. Pro Spotter B121 is very ease for application – you need to open the bottle, pour a small amount of the liquid on the stain and leave it to work. You can maintain your carpet in fantastic shape without any efforts. Unlike most cleaning products which have to be mixed with water in certain proportion, Pro Spotter B121 is ready for use, no need to dilute it. For that reason you should not worry whether you are strictly observing the instructions on the label. There is nothing wrong you can do with its application. The product is absolutely safe for almost all types of natural and synthetic fiber carpets and it is 100% guaranteed it won’t damage the condition or look of the carpet. Furthermore, it is wool safe approved and has Carpet and Rug Institute Seal of Approval.

Last Saturday I organized a surprised party for my husband’s birthday. I invited our friends and family and we had a special time together. When the guests were sent their homes, I had to face the mess, left behind. That evening we drank a lot of red wine and you can imagine there were more than 2-3 drops of this tasty liquid on the carpet. I hoped my incredible cleaning product could save the situation this time. I put my fingers crossed and waited to see whether Pro Spotter B121 by Prochem Kärcher Group could do the magic with wine stains. And this time it didn’t disappoint me because my carpet was like a brand new one. It was absolutely spotless and smelled pleasant.

To sum up, there is no need to buy 6-7 or more cleaning preparations for fighting different types of stains. You will save a lot of money and place for storage if you purchase only one multi-purpose cleaning product. Pro Spotter B121 by Prochem Kärcher Group is guaranteed the best quality spotter you can have as it removes stubborn stains from various types of carpets. It has a ready to use formula and comes into a convenient bottle which can be used in both residential and commercial cleaning environments.

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