Cleaning the Carpet from Asphalt, Tar and Gum Stains with Citrus

Cleaning the Carpet from Asphalt, Tar and Gum Stains with Citrus

Several weeks ago while I was crossing the street on my way home, I felt something heavy and sticky on my shoe. When I checked it I found out I have stepped on a brand new asphalt layer which had damaged the bottoms of my favorite shoes. However, I had more important tasks to handle so I quickly forgot that problem. Unfortunately, when I finally got back home, I left an awful trace of asphalt on my tiles and also on my carpet. I felt really frustrated because I had never expected I would ever have to deal with such problem. I was informed how to cope with various stains on my carpet but I didn’t have a clue how to clean asphalt from it. Actually, I did not even know if asphalt could be washed away from rugs and other types of floorings.  That’s why I took off my shoes and turned on the PC immediately. I wrote on the search engine “cleaning asphalt stains” and I checked the results I got. None of them seemed trustworthy enough to purchase it till I found Citrus Gel E840 by Prochem Kärcher Group. It was a highly recommended spotter, tested by hundreds of people who have left a positive feedback for it. That was quite a relief for me because at that moment I knew there is a tool that can fight asphalt stains from carpets, tiles and even upholstery so it would work perfectly for me.

I ordered Citrus Gel E840 immediately and received it the very next day. Then I had to clean completely dry asphalt stains so I put my fingers crossed that the cleaning product really does its job. I read the instructions on the label carefully where it was written that Citrus Gel E840  is a citrus-based blended spotting solvent in a form of a cream-like gel. It was safe for application on synthetic and most natural fibers that was helpful to know because my carpet was made of natural fibers. I read that I have to shake the bottle, then squirt a small amount of Citrus Gel onto the spot, agitate, and continue to pre-spray the carpet. After I waited for some time, I applied a warm detergent solution. When the process of cleaning was over I was fascinated with the results – everything was brilliant. There wasn’t a spot of asphalt anywhere. I hoped Citrus Gel E840 could clean the asphalt stains but I haven’t even dreamt of such magnificent effect. Actually, I thought everything is in better condition it used to be.

When I had overcome this serious problem, I read the label once again to see what else could be cleaned with this fabulous spotter. There it was written it can clean tar stains and I thought there are several stains of tar on the carpet in my living room. The most favorite place in my house is the carpet in front of the big fireplace which uses real wood for the fire. It is so beautiful and peaceful when you sit there and just enjoy the warm atmosphere. However, there is one great disadvantage of having such fireplace at home – tar stains are often seen on the carpet. I repeated the cleaning procedure with Citrus Gel E840 and all the tar stains were gone. It was like I had a magical  tool in my hands that could clean the most stubborn stains in my house. I was so excited that I run to the garage where I had more problem areas on tiles –gum and auto grease stains. In fact, I have never considered them as a problem because they were in the garage and they did not make me such negative impression like the tar stains in the living room. However, now I had the ideal product for maintaining the entire house in perfect condition so I had to use it.

After cleaning thoroughly the garage tiles, I moved on to the kids’ room. There I treated the crayon stains on the carpet with found Citrus Gel E840 by Prochem Kärcher Group. Every mother knows that crayon stains can be seen on walls, carpets and even tiles. If you have Citrus Gel E840 at your disposal you can remove them fast and easily. All you need to do is applying a small quantity of the spotter on each particular stain, wait several minutes and clean with the warm detergent. You can use this amazing spotter for cleaning not only asphalt, tar, auto grease, gum and crayon, but also for lipstick, cosmetics, ointments, margarine, body and hair oils, food oils, and some fresh paint spots. It is proved that Citrus Gel E840 is the most effective product for getting rid of those stains, giving superb results at each use.

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