Cleaning the Carpet from Common Residential and Commercial


For many years I’ve been trying to maintain the best look of my carpet by regular vacuuming and cleaning each individual 

carpet cleaning

stain as soon as possible, after its appearance. Having a clean spotless carpeted flooring require a lot of work and knowledge about various types of stains and the way you should treat each of them. If you favor homemade safe ways for cleaning, it’s ok, but they are not effective for all kinds of problems on the carpet. I have tried to remove grease stains with placing salt on the top of them. Also, I have experimented reviving the carpet colors with rubbing baking soda in it, waiting for 1 night and cleaning the rug with a vacuum cleaner. I have become a specialist in domestic techniques for protecting the carpet. But that is not what I want to tell you. You can find such information in internet and although some of the advices are good, they cannot give you the fantastic results which are possible with Axiom Clean Spotter B343 by Prochem Kärcher Group.

Axiom Clean Spotter B343 is a powerful multi-purpose spot removal solution, specially designed to get rid of a great variety of common residential and commercial spots. If you combine this product with Axiom Clean 2-step cleaning system you will be fascinated with the look of your old carpet. You should use Axiom Clean Spotter B343 as a pre-cleaning spotter to prepare the surfaces for the main cleaning product. The most important characteristic about this fabulous spotter is that you can use it not only on your carpet, but also on upholstery. You can apply it for removing various kinds of stains on your favorite sofa or you can use it for remarkable effect when cleaning your car upholstery. It is especially helpful for cleaning car upholstery because it can remove spots from coffee, food, juices, blood and many others of the most typical problems for every car. There is no need to bring 2 or 3 different cleaning products in your car to remove diverse stains. You have to know you can rely on only one extremely powerful spotter which can solve all your problems.

You can use Axiom Clean Spotter B343 by Prochem Kärcher Group as additional product in carpet cleaning which guarantees you 100% removal of the most stubborn stains. It has Carpet and Rug Seal of Approval which proves it is a high-quality product. Moreover, it can be applied on almost all types of carpets, area rugs and upholstery. It is absolutely safe for various carpets so you can use it without hesitation. However, if you want to be sure if you can use it for your specific type of rug, consult with a specialist. All the cleaning products Prochem Kärcher Group has in its list are the best quality possible and are extremely efficient. The products from Axiom Clean group, offered by Prochem Kärcher Group are eco-fiendly. That characteristic distinguish them among all the rest of the products offered on the market. The Axiom Clean line gives you maximum cleaning performance with minimal residues.

The only reason most housewives try homemade cleaning products for maintaining good condition of their carpets is that they are safe for their children. With Axiom Clean Spotter B343 you don’t have to worry about allergies, asthma, rashes and other health problems, caused by cleaning preparations, containing toxic agents. Axiom Clean Spotter B343 is the perfect tool to fight problems with stains from food, coffee, urine, vomit and many more which are seen in any household. You can use it if you have small children and even babies because it is completely harmless for their health. After using it you will notice that the carpet fibers are much softer than before. There is no need to make a compromise between perfectly clean carpet without any stains and the safety of your family and pets – you can have both with Axiom Clean Spotter B343. In addition, you can solve the most common problem with carpets which is cellulosic browning with the products of Axiom Clean Line. They will bring back the beautiful colors of your carpet and will make it look like a brand new one.

According to research some of the greatest pollutants of the environment are the toxic products for cleaning and the soap powders. If you use Axiom Clean Spotter B343 you will not only keep your home a cozy and clean place, but also you will be one step closer to saving the planet. Axiom Clean Spotter B343 is a biodegradable cleaning product which is also phosphate-free. There are many positive characteristics of Axiom Clean Spotter B343 – it is green spotter, multi-purpose, and effective in cleaning various types of stains. Also, it can be applied on carpets and upholstery, good for both residential and commercial use.

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