Cleaning the Carpet from Ink Stains with Solv

Cleaning the Carpet from Ink Stains with Solv

Last month I bought a printer for my daughter because she needed it for several school projects. When I was in the specialized store, I was asked what type of printer I wanted – a laser printer or an ink-jet printer. I asked them what is the main difference between the two types and the assistant explained me that laser printers are usually used for printing documents while the ink-jet printers are perfect for printing photos and other images. The laser printers contain only one color of ink – black, while the ink-jet printers contain several different colors and that’s how you receive a multi-color photo printed. I selected the second type because I wanted my daughter to enjoy her present and I knew she will use it mainly for printing photos.

When I get back home with the printer I inserted the 4 ink-jets into the printer. However, while I was doing this, several drops of ink fell down on the brand new carpeted flooring. I didn’t pay great attention to them because I thought I can clean them easily with the detergent I had at home. So I left this problem for later and concentrated on inserting the next ink-jet. Till I insert the 4 ink-jets I already had several stains of ink from different colors. I have to admit I didn’t expected to be so difficult to do this job. I promised myself to be more cautious next time and then I went to take the detergent and start coping with the ink problem on my rug. I applied the detergent and waited for several minutes as usual to act. Then I cleaned it with clean water and then I started to feel nervous – none of the stains was cleaned. I read the instruction on the label, trying to find my mistake and repeated the procedure. Unfortunately, the result was the same. Then I went to the kitchen and took the dishwasher liquid, applied it on the carpet and rubbed with a sponge in order to wash the ink stains away. That was a really bad idea because the only result was bigger ink stains.

I felt completely desperate and called my best friend. I almost cried on the phone, explaining what happened and as a respond she laughed. She calmed me down and told me she has an amazing product that can clean the ink stains without any efforts. The product was called Solv Ink E848 by Prochem Kärcher Group and she had bought it a few months ago when she had to overcome the same problem. She told me she will come right away and will bring Solv Ink E848 with her.

After less than an hour I was already applying this magical liquid on my carpet directly from the bottle. There was no need to dilute it and also I didn’t have to rinse the carpet after that. Everything seemed too easy. We went to the living room to drink our afternoon tea and when we got back to the kids’ room where the printer was, my carpet was absolutely clean. I couldn’t believe my eyes. I kneeled on the floor and checked the carpet very carefully. There wasn’t a single ink stain left there. My friend told me it gets the same magnificent effect when cleaning ink spots from upholstery, fabrics, and hard surfaces.

The other change that made me great impression was that the whole room smelled incredibly fresh. Unlike all the other cleaning products I have used (and they are quite a lot) Solv Ink E848 by Prochem Kärcher Group has a very pleasant scent with no strong solvent odor. Basically, Solv Ink E848 is a very powerful tool for removing ink stains from various surfaces. It has 100% volatile solvent blend that penetrates and lifts away most common inks. Every detergent or spotter I have used before had a really strong smell that sometimes made me feel dizzy. That is why I needed to leave the room after applying the cleaning product and to open the windows of the room in order to remove the awful smell. Moreover, all the products needed rinsing which meant I need to dry the carpet carefully in order to avoid growth of mold and mildew. Opening the windows when it is cold outside is very unpleasant because I need to turn on the heater when I close them.


Now when I have purchased Solv Ink E848 by Prochem Kärcher Group, I feel calm that even if I drop some ink on the carpet next time I change the ink-jets, I will be able to overcome that stressful situation. It is always helpful to have the appropriate tool to fight the most stubborn ink stains at your home or office and use it when you need it.

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