Cleaning the Carpet from Oil and Grease Stains

Cleaning the Carpet from Oil and Grease Stains

I have 2 years old twins and that is why I need to maintain a perfectly clean home. It is a very tiring job and requires a lot of hard work and knowledge how to fight various problems by using exclusively eco- friendly products. As you know most detergents contain toxic chemicals which are extremely harmful for person’s health. My children love playing on the carpeted floor so keeping it clean and shiny, by applying only safe cleaning products, is a primary goal for me. I have given up purchasing powerful toxic preparations and I am using only tested homemade cleaning solutions and professional cleaning products. It is surprising that there are not much green carpet and upholstery cleaning products on the market. I myself am very concerned about my family’s health and saving the entire planet and I am doing everything I can to lead an environmentally-friendly way of life.

Two weeks ago my children took the bottle of cooking oil which I had left for just a second, and pour all the liquid that was in it on the gorgeous carpeted flooring in the dining room. As you can imagine several enormous oily stains appeared on my ideally maintained rug. Luckily, the bottle was only half full. I don’t know if I could say it is a real luck as 500 ml oil was spread on the carpet which I was vacuuming and carefully cleaning everyday in order to be spotless. I was so proud that although I have twins’ boys, my home is fabulously clean. I soaked as much liquid as I can but the remained amount was very impressive. Being a practical housewife I started thinking if I could overcome the situation by using only homemade solutions. However, I came to a conclusion this is a problem that needs professional care. I was in a great need for super powerful and also safe cleaning solution that can get rid of oil and grease stains.

First, I asked my best friend but she told me she was using a heavy duty toxic detergent for oily stains. As she couldn’t help me, I called a trustworthy expert carpet cleaning firm for advice what I could do in this emergency situation. Fortunately, they told me what green product they were using for removing such stubborn stains - Axiom Clean Pre-Spray S717 by Prochem Kärcher Group. The office assistant explained to me that this is a pre-spray which is the first step of the 2-step hot water extraction cleaning process. She added that it is 100% safe for children (I told her what my main worry was) and that I will be surprised by the results. I didn’t have much time to think and I ordered the pre-spray immediately. After several hours I was already applying it on the carpet. On the label it was written it can be used on synthetic fiber carpets, area rugs, and upholstery.

I waited several minutes and after that rinsed with one of the Axiom Clean extraction products. The effect was incredible. Not only there wasn’t a single oil stain on the carpet, but it was in better condition than it was before. Actually, it looked like a brand new carpet and had a very fresh scent. The office assistant recommended me to use Axiom Clean Pre-Spray S717 in combination with another cleaning product from the Axiom Clean Line by Prochem Kärcher Group. That way she guaranteed me I can clean the oil stains, no matter how extreme the situation was. She was right. After I cleaned the carpet thoroughly, I moved on to clean the oily stains on my favorite white sofa. I read the instructions on the label once again in order to be absolutely sure I can use this spectacular cleaning product for upholstery.

I have tried to clean these stubborn stains many times with applying salt for absorption or baking soda but they weren’t effective at all. I know that cleaning method that uses salt is useful only when it comes to fresh oily stains. If you haven’t noticed when the stain has appeared and you see it when it is already dry, where will be absolutely no effect of applying soda on its surface. On the other hand, baking soda is popular for its incredible cleaning abilities and for removing unpleasant scent from different types of surfaces. However, it turned out it cannot cope with oily stains. Now I am very happy and thankful I found this pre-spray which can help me remove all the unwanted oily stains from my upholstery and carpets. I would recommend Axiom Clean Pre-Spray S717 to anyone who experience difficulties in fighting such stains. It is appropriate for domestic and commercial use.

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