Cleaning the Carpet from Organic and Biological Odors

Cleaning the Carpet from Organic and Biological Odors

Last year I found myself into a critical situation – I lost my job and I needed urgently a new one. As I love animals, I decided to be a dog walker for some time before looking for more serious occupation. It turned out to be very pleasant and relieving job which made me happy. Although I earned less money than I wanted, at the end of the day I felt content. Some of the requirements for that job were to collect the dogs from clients’ houses, to take them for a walk, to feed them and to teach them some tricks. As I was looking after six or seven dogs I took care for them at my home. This situation was working for me but after some time the effect of having so many dogs inside my house was obvious – all the rooms at home smelled unpleasant of urine, feces, vomit, sweat and pet odors. When I was decorating my home, I chose each item carefully. I remember I spent a couple of months on selecting the carpets for different rooms. Now they were dirty, covered every day in urine or feces, and smelling awful. I cleaned them everyday, trying to return their good condition, but it was worthless. By using very powerful detergents I succeeded in cleaning the stubborn stains but they weren’t effective for getting rid of the offensive odors.

Then I decided it is high time to change the job and probably to buy new carpets for my home. Well, I found a new job but purchasing several different carpets for every room in the house was not as easy as it seems. First of all, I liked the carpets I had as I spent much time in choosing them. Second, the rugs in my house were high-quality and very expensive, and I didn’t want to throw them away. Third, I didn’t have enough money to purchase 1 carpet, not to mention I needed many more. That is why I started searching for a special cleaning agent which could remove the awful odor from my home. All of you, who have pets in your homes, know that after some time each of the pieces of furniture, the carpets and even the floor smells a bit unpleasant. It is not important how often you wash the dog or the cat. The fact is that pets have a specific smell which you cannot remove or change.

I asked my friends to give me some advice what I can do in this situation, but none of them had faced the same problem. Then I looked for a professional help. I called a carpet cleaning company and they told me the only product that is 100% tested to help in such situations is Enzyme Rescue B272 by Prochem Kärcher Group. It is a cleaning product with a mild pH, specially designed for synthetic and some natural fibers. Moreover, it can be used on most hard and soft surfaces. Enzyme Rescue B272 comes into a bottle of 1 gallon which makes up to 33 gallons of ready to use solution for approximately 400 sf per diluted gallon. Its special formula was created for industrial use but can also be applied for homes with such problems. The best part of it is that it not only removes the offensive odors but also has a long-lasting odor control.

After I was given all the information I shared with you, I was fully convinced that this was the product I needed. I got Enzyme Rescue B272 and the very same day cleaned the carpets and hard surfaces at home. The results were exactly as described. Everything smelled fresh and pleasant, like there has never been a dog in this house. That saved me a lot of money which I would give for purchasing new carpets. Later I found out many people use this preparation for preparing their houses for sale. For example, if they had a pet in the house, before they place the house for sale, they clean thoroughly with Enzyme Rescue B272. That way they have higher chance to sell the house sooner and at better price. According to research homes where there was a dog living, are more difficult for sale. Especially families with children avoid buying such properties.

To conclude, you can use Enzyme Rescue B272 by Prochem Kärcher Group if you are going to sell your house, as a small trick which will win you extra money. Also, you can use this product for maintaining a pleasant environment at home or if you have a business with training dogs - for keeping a healthy atmosphere at the work place. With Enzyme Rescue B272 it is absolutely guaranteed you will get rid of urine, feces, vomit and pet odors.

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