Cleaning the Carpet from Organic Dyes with One-Step Oxy Rescue B418

Cleaning the Carpet from Organic Dyes with One-Step Oxy

If you have a carpet in your home, and I am sure 99% of you have such floor coverings, then you know what I mean when I say I am sick and tired of everyday cleaning and putting great efforts, trying to make it look fabulous. Unfortunately, that costs me about an hour a day and I have to clean the carpet thoroughly minimum 3 times a week. If you sum up that hours it turns out you spend about 156 hours a year in carpet cleaning which equals 1 week of your life which will never come back. In addition, you have to buy different detergents to remove stains from coffee and tea and grass. That way you not only lose your time, but also waste a ton of money and space in your house to store 4 or 5 types of cleaners for various stains.

I myself have dreamt for a long time to have a universal tool to fight stains from coffee, tea and fruit juice. Now my dream came true! A friend of mine recommended me to use One-Step Oxy Rescue B418 by Prochem Kärcher Group. This is a multi-purpose stain remover which can clean all stains from organic dyes. For those who do not know what products contain organic dyes I will explain there is a long list of products that form such stains. Coffee, tea and fruit juice are liquids that contain organic dyes. Also, all the stains that have an origin from the human body can be cleaned with One-Step Oxy Rescue B418– if you cut your finger with a knife and several drops of blood fall down on the carpet, you can use this remarkable product to vanish them completely; if you have a baby who is learning how to pee on the right place and does not wear diapers, again you can use One-Step Oxy Rescue B418 to clean urine stains from the carpet’s surface; if you feel dizzy and you vomit on your rug, it will form a huge stain with unpleasant smell – again this amazing tool will help you in this situation. The product is ready to use as there is no need to dilute it.

I can say from personal experience that this cleaning product is the best stain remover I have ever used. Now, when it is a winter season and is really cold outside, it is absolutely inevitable to get ill. I have a child, 1 year old, who I tried to keep safe and healthy as I did not let her out for almost a month because of the low temperatures. However, last week I decided it is high time to go out with her and to enjoy the weather which was a bit warmer. Unfortunately, she got ill immediately as it turned out she got a virus. Now she has high temperature, she is vomiting all the time, and she has diarrhea. As I am already learning her not to use a diaper, you can imagine what the situation at home is. There is vomit, urine and even feces stains on the carpet. Moreover, although I cleaned the problem areas with a sponge and water immediately, I did not have enough time to clean them thoroughly at the very same moment, as my child is a priority. Therefore, the carpet was full with tough dry stains which were impossible to be removed with an ordinary detergent. I tested One-Step Oxy Rescue B418 by Prochem Kärcher Group for the first time with these awful stains. Not only it cleaned them instantly, but also it got rid of the unpleasant smell on the carpet. This superb cleaning product uses the power of hydrogen peroxide and other premium-grade ingredients to cope with such stains quickly and effectively by leaving the carpet clean and fresh.

It is very important for me to know I have a product I can rely on to help me in situations like this one because I know there will be such in the future. No matter how much you take care for your child and try to protect him/her, he/she will feel sick sometimes and you need to focus on him/her at these moments. In addition, you should be calm that after this period is gone, there will no traces of urine, vomit or feces on the carpeted flooring. That way you can manage to keep your home a cozy and pleasant place where to enjoy your time with family and friends. Furthermore, One-Step Oxy Rescue B418 will help you cleaning grass stains from the carpet if you have a garden.

All in all, you can use this magnificent product to overcome many problems on the carpet caused by organic dyes. There is no need to worry as it is proved to be highly effective in any situation.

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