Cleaning The Carpet From Paint And Ink Stains With Paint

Cleaning The Carpet From Paint And Ink Stains With Paint

Several months ago I find out the amazing news that I am expecting a baby. As soon as my doctor told me what will be the sex of the baby, I started making plans how to decorate the nursery room, what color to choose for the walls and for the furniture. Fortunately, I already had a beautiful white carpet which I didn't need to change as it matched perfectly to any color of walls. I hired a team of experts to paint the room as I told them to be extremely careful with my favorite carpet. However, despite my warnings there were 5 or 6 huge stains of blue paint on it. I felt desperate as it was a really incredible and unique item for me. Luckily, a friend of mine recommended me a product I will never forget - Paint, Oil And Grease Remover B173 by Prochem Kärcher Group. It is a cleaner that is very easy to use and gives instant results. There is no need to dilute it, it is ready to use. All you have to do is apply the preparation on the problem areas of the carpet, wait a couple of minutes and rinse with water. All the paint stains were gone in the past. My carpet looked like a brand new one, the sparkling white color appeared again under the stains of paint. The best thing about it, is that Paint, Oil And Grease Remover B173 is much safer product than the other paint, oil and grease removers, so you can use it without hesitation for any room, including the nursery room and the children room.

As I was absolutely surprised by the incredible effect it had on my carpet, I did a little research to find what other applications this preparation has. I learned that it removes not only fresh stains of paint but also cleans dried oil-based paint - a mission impossible for the most removals, offered on the market. Moreover, it can be applied for most synthetic and natural fibers, and - what was surprising for me - even for surfaces like glass and tile. Basically, you can use it for cleaning any type of surface - the only condition is the surface to be solvent - save.

If you are a woman who likes taking care for herself and the way she looks, then you are probably using a lipstick and a nail polish almost every day. Sometimes, when you are on a hurry it happens to drop the lipstick by accident on the carpet, and a stain appears immediately. Most women make the mistake to try to clean it with a wet sponge, but the only result they accomplish is making the stain bigger. Using a dry paper to remove the lipstick remains from the carpet is also a bad idea. You should be aware that only a special removal, like Paint, Oil And Grease Remover B173 by Prochem Kärcher Group can cope with this problem. The problem with painting the carpet with a nail polish is also a serious one and again you need to use Paint, Oil And Grease Remover B173. You can try cleaning the stain with a nail polish remover but you may damage the carpet and also, it is not absolutely certain that you will remove the stain. My advise is not to make experiments with your carpet by using not sure methods for cleaning.

Two of the most difficult substances to clean not only from the carpet but basically from any kind of surface are tree sap and tar. Of course, these substances rarely appear inside the house but when they do, you should know how to remove them. The incredible product, created by Prochem Kärcher Group can help you even in those cases.

Last week in the office a colleague had to change the ink in the printer. I suppose he did it for the first time in his life, because it was a disaster - the entire carpet was covered in ink. I couldn't count the stains on it - it was like the whole carpet is covered in ink. My colleague was so frustrated but I calmed him that I will bring an incredible tool the solve the problem. On the next day, I took Paint, Oil And Grease Remover B173 by Prochem Kärcher Group to my office, applied it on the entire carpet, and few minutes later the carpet was spotless. Everyone in the office wanted to know what is the preparation that could clean even dried ink stains from the carpet.

To conclude, Paint, Oil And Grease Remover B173 by Prochem Kärcher Group is a unique product with various uses. You can clean paint, ink, nail polish, lipstick and even rubber and plastic wheel marks with it, without any efforts.

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