Cleaning the Carpet from Protein-Based Stains with Protein

Cleaning the Carpet from Protein-Based Stains with Protein

Last weekend my husband and I went to a small vacation without our children – Sarah, 21 years old, and James, 19 years old. We thought they do not need our protection anymore and they are grown ups, therefore we can rely on them. However, in this weekend alone they saw an opportunity to throw up a party for all their friends with music and alcohol. I don’t know what actually happened there while we were away as they have tried really hard to clean everything inside the house, probably expecting us not to recognize there was a party. I admit everything was on its place, except for 2 vases which I found broken in the dustbin. Probably the house was even cleaner than it was on Friday before we left. There wasn’t dust anywhere and all the surfaces were sparkling and shine. The one thing that gave them away was the condition of my favorite carpet in the living room. Although it was cleaned thoroughly with a vacuum cleaner, there were several stains of red wine which my kids have tried to hide by slightly removing the pieces of furniture. The sofa was moved 2-3 inches away and when I moved it back to its original place I saw it – an enormous stain on my perfectly clean white carpet. Then I checked the carpet closer and I found many other problems – vomit stains, food stains, etc. I even found small amounts of food on the floor which obviously Sarah and James didn’t notice while cleaning. And like this wasn’t enough, I discovered several coffee stains under the coffee table. All in all, the carpet was ruined. I was so disappointed of my children’s behavior – not only they have proved they are not trustworthy grown ups that deserve to have more freedom and independency, but also they have destroyed incredibly expensive high- quality carpeted flooring. As it was an enormous carpet for the biggest room in the house, it cost a fortune.

Unfortunately, I could not bring back the time to Friday evening when everything was fine, and cancel our small vacation, I had to face the problem and decide what to do. The first thing I did was talking to my children to understand if I was right for the origin of the stains. At the beginning they were denying that there was a party but after that they admit everything. It turned out the stains was exactly from the reasons I expected and Sarah told me she have tried to clean them with water and sponge but that even worsen some of the stains. When she saw she could not overcome the problems, she decided with James’s help to move the sofa and hide the stains. Now I had to deal with the problem – various types of stains – coffee, wine, food and vomit stains. Actually, there was even a blood stain, caused by the 2 vases I found in the dustbin, which were broken into a boy’s head. So it was obvious I cannot clean everything with the detergent which I had at home. I searched in the internet what could be the ideal product for carpet cleaning after having a wild party. A didn’t search for long when I found a multi-purpose heavy-duty high-pH cleaning product – Protein and Stain Spotter B144 by Prochem Kärcher Group. This product was tested to be effective in removal of blood, vomit, wine, ink, coffee, food, and other protein-based stains. It was the answer to all my problems on the carpet. I purchased it immediately and I hoped to be as good as other people told to be. The thing that bothered me the most was that the stains on my rug were dry. Most preparations I’ve used have effect only on fresh stains and the thing that attracted my attention to Protein and Stain Spotter B144 was that it was described as “heavy-duty” which for me was a synonym of “highly-effective”.


When I received the product I found out it is convenient and ready to use. No rinsing was required which really impressed me. Most products need rinsing and after that the carpet should be taken out for drying. Otherwise mold and mildew are often seen on the bottom side of the carpeted flooring. I was really excited to see whether this magnificent product would help me cleaning all the various stains from my expensive carpet. Luckily, not only it washed all the stains away, but they completely disappeared. I haven’t even hoped or dreamt for such amazing results. I would recommend Protein and Stain Spotter B144 to all mothers who have children at home, and basically to everyone who has old stubborn stains from wine, coffee, vomit or blood on their carpets.

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