Cleaning the Carpet from Protein Spots with Zoop

Cleaning the Carpet from Protein Spots with Zoop

Last week I decided to gather the whole family together and to cook a delicious dinner. Everything went just perfect, we had a pleasant evening and everyone was surprised how incredible cook I was. After I sent my guests home, I started cleaning the dining table and then I noticed a huge gravy spot on the carpet under one of the seats. If I had seen it earlier, I would probably place some salt on it in order to absorb the grease. I have used this cleaning technique many times before and it always worked but the spot needed to be fresh, not dry. However, I have missed that moment and now the spot was completely dry. Then I decided to put the new cleaning product which I had purchased the day before on a test. As it was written on the bottle of Zoop! E837 by Prochem Kärcher Group, I poured a small quantity of the liquid directly on the spot, without diluting it and waited to see the results. There was no need to wait much as within a minute the results were obvious – the gravy spot was gone and my carpeted flooring was remarkably clean.

Before a couple of days I wanted to experiment a new cooking recipe – Pan-fried fish with fresh beetroot salsa. I had never tried to cook something like this before but it turned out to be really tasty. Everything was great till it was time to clean the table after having dinner. My husband was helping me as usual when he dropped one of the plates with remains of fish in it. The plate broke into pieces and the fish was all over the carpet. It was a disaster. I thought that I was lucky to clean the gravy spot last week but there wasn’t a cleaning product that could help me in this situation. I imagined how I spent weeks or even months trying to find such a beautiful carpet, to replace this one, and what would I place on the floor till I purchase new carpeted flooring. Also, I thought that I did not have saved money for such purchase as I wasn’t expecting I would have to buy a new carpet so soon. This one was only one year old. Thousands of different thoughts went over my mind within several seconds. Finally I though I have to give Zoop! E837 a chance to prove it is the most amazing cleaning product I have ever bought. I took the bottle of this magical liquid without having any expectations it will actually overcome this problem, and poured some spot remover on the fish stains. I left it some time to act and went to the other room to do my work. When I came back in the dining room, I almost cried out from happiness – not only there wasn’t a single stain on the carpet but also it smelled incredibly fresh.

After doing some research I discovered that Zoop! E837 by Prochem Kärcher Group has a super strong formula that helps in cleaning touch protein spots – for instance, spots from blood, gravy, fish, eggs and other organic spills. Moreover, it has a mild pH which makes it suitable for using on synthetic and cellulosic carpet and upholstery fibers such as nylon, olefin, polyester, and cotton. In addition to that, it can be applied on variety of hard surfaces. This cleaning preparation is so tender that it even meets the specification for use on 5th generation nylon carpet. This characteristic distinguishes it among the rest spot removers.

The greatest advantage of Zoop! E837 is its incredible deodorization effect. No matter how hard you try to maintain your carpet in ideal condition, you cannot prevent it from the nasty odors. After some time all carpets start smelling unpleasant unless you use a special product for deodorizing. Zoop! E837 has two functions – it cleans the carpet perfectly and also gives it a nice fresh aroma. That way there is no need to spray the carpet with additional product for removing the odors from it. It can fight successfully fish and dairy odors and works really fast. After I cleaned the rug from those awful fish stains, I was ready to welcome guests in half an hour and there was no memory I prepared fish for dinner or there was a disaster on the carpet.

You can use that Zoop! E837 by Prochem Kärcher Group to remove all kinds of stains with protein origin. If you have a baby, you will be happy to find out that it cleans even spots from baby formula. Or if you are drinking your morning coffee with coffee creamer added, you can use this magnificent tool to remove spots from the coffee creamer on the rug. I will recommend Zoop! E837 to all my friends and relatives as it is really astonishing.

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