Cleaning the carpet from stains from sports drinks and food

Cleaning the carpet from stains from sports drinks and food

I am having a baby- she is almost 1 year old- and that’s why I became an expert in removing all kinds of stains and dirt from the carpet. I am putting great efforts to maintain a perfect hygiene at home in order to create a safe environment for my child. The carpet is the area I emphasis the most because she spends many hours a day on that place, playing and making steps for the first time. However, we all know the carpet is one of the most problem areas at our home as it stores a lot of harmful particles for a baby, like allergens, bacteria, mold, mildew, dust and dirt. All these dangerous things, found on the surface of our carpet may result in serious health problems for our child. He/ she could suffer from various kinds of allergies, respiratory problems, asthma, irritation of eyes, and other health problems due to being exposed to such harmful environment in this early stage of his/her life. Everyday vacuuming of the carpet is a must if you want to protect your child. Besides these problems, I had to face the toughest stains for removal from the carpet – those from children’s beverages and food products.

If you are a mother you know that fighting stubborn stains from baby food is a complicated task. The reason for this is because they contain much more protein than other types of food and that’s why these stains are characterized with highly –endurance. In addition to that, they are created on the base of oily substances which makes the problem even bigger. Luckily, I didn’t waste much time and contacted an expert carpet cleaning firm to give me advice what would be the best product to use to vanish such stains. The carpet cleaning professionals recommended using One-Step Red Rescue B416 by Prochem Karcher Group. Over the years this exceptional product has proved to be extremely effective in fighting stains from colored sports drinks, all kinds of food, children’s beverages, sauces, etc. Basically, it can clean any type of synthetic dye, found in these products. It can be used on Red, Blue, Yellow, Purple and Green synthetic dye. One-Step Red Rescue B416 can remove even stains from mouthwash and cough medicine.

I am sure it has happened to you more than once to make a gorgeous dinner for your family and friends and to drop some sauce on the carpet. Sauces are very difficult for cleaning and that is why homemade recipes for washing won’t give the amazing results you need to bring your carpet back to its magnificent condition. Use One-Step Red Rescue B416 by Prochem Karcher Group without hesitation to cope with such stains. This stain and spot remover is really easy for application – no dilution is necessary, you just pour a small quantity of the liquid on the stain, and wait a couple of minutes to work. Not only it works incredibly fast, but also it will make sauce stains disappear forever.  

I have tested this amazing cleaning product by myself for removing stains from tomato sauce, punches and several sports drinks. My husband is exercising at home, trying to keep him in good shape, and therefore drinks many sports drinks. These drinks contain synthetic dyes, which make their stains tough for removal. At first I wasn’t quite sure that One-Step Red Rescue B416 can overcome those problems. However, I tried it once, and there wasn’t even a trace of the stain on the carpet. The next time I used it, it had the same astonishing effect. Then I was fully convinced I can rely on this product for cleaning stains from sports drinks, food products and beverages. Unless you are growing vegetables and fruit at your home garden, you should know almost all kinds of food, purchased from the store, contain synthetic dye. Unfortunately, it is not only harmful for our body, but also leaves almost impossible stain for removal. However, most people prefer those foods as they are available in every store and save much time and efforts, investing in growing your own vegetables.

All in all, One-Step Red Rescue B416 has the most important characteristics for a stain and spot remover. It is highly-effective for cleaning all kinds of synthetic dye stains, vanishes the stain really fast, and is in a bottle, ready for use. You can use it without any concerns as it won’t damage or discolor your carpet. It is absolutely safe for use and you can be sure it will get the results you need. I would recommended this remarkable product to all my friends and relatives, as it is the best spot and stain removal I have used in my life.

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