Cleaning the Carpet from Urine

Cleaning the Carpet from Urine

Last month I purchased a fabulous carpet and I placed it in the living room. It became a centerpiece of the room and completely changed the place. However, I didn’t expect any problems with its maintenance – nothing more than cleaning it with a vacuum cleaner once or twice a week.  It turned out I am completely wrong. My husband bought a dog for the kids and it is peeing everywhere. I was so upset that he didn’t ask about my opinion about having a dog at home. We have an apartment and therefore we don’t have a garden where the dog to urinate and defecate. We have to take it out several times a day and meanwhile it causes a lot of problems inside. I get extremely frustrated when I see my beautiful carpet covered in urine, vomit and feces. Not only it is a very unpleasant job to clean after the dog several times a day, but also it completely ruins the condition of the carpet. No matter how hard I try to clean each individual stain, at the end of the day I see a carpet, full of awful stains, and what is even worse – the whole room smells disgusting.

At first I used a universal preparation for carpet cleaning but it did not give me the results I needed. Then I purchased a professional detergent for removing urine, feces and vomit stains from the rug. Unfortunately, although this product was incredibly expensive the effect on the carpet was none. The stains were slightly faded but they were still there. Moreover, the problem with the smell was not solved and that troubled me the most. I asked all my friends for advice but they couldn’t help me as they were also looking for such product. Finally, I decided to contact an expert carpet cleaning company to give me advice how to clean these stains. Luckily, they were very polite and even told me what spot and stain remover they were using in such cases – Odor Rescue B245 by Prochem Kärcher Group. This incredible product comes into a small jar of a powerful cleaning agent which makes up to 34 gallons of ready to use solution for approximately 400 sf per diluted gallon. The carpet washing expert assured me that I will be absolutely content with the results on my carpet.

As it was my last option, I bought Odor Rescue B245 by Prochem Kärcher Group immediately and applied it the very same day. Its incredible formula is helpful in removing the unpleasant odor and stain causing soils, using a potent blend of color-safe oxidizers, surfactants, and detergents. I saw that within several minutes my carpet returned to its magnificent condition it had before and its colors were revived. The thing I liked the most was that the room smelled really fresh and again I could spend a pleasant time there. Actually, I was avoiding staying in that room, like everyone else from my family, because the smell of urine and feces was really awful.

However, let’s start from the beginning. I got Odor Rescue B245, read the instructions on the label and made the mixture. Then I applied the product on the carpet and formed low foam which smelled fresh. I waited several minutes to act and then clean it with water. The entire procedure was completed within 10-15 minutes and I couldn’t believe what remarkable change of the carpet there was. You can use Odor Rescue B245 on synthetic carpet fibers and other water-cleanable colorfast fabrics. It is of great significance to make sure that you carpet can be moistened. There are two types of carpets – the first type is made of fibers that can be wet and these carpets are usually cleaned with steam carpet cleaning method. The second type carpets will be completely destroyed if they are moistened and those carpets are cleaned with dry carpet cleaning method. If you don’t know which type is your rug, remember what cleaning procedure the experts used the last time you cleaned it professionally. If you haven’t used a professional carpet cleaning service, you can ask the carpet manufacturer whether you can wet your carpet or not. The other option is to schedule one deep carpet cleaning procedure and to ask the professional cleaners whatever questions you have about cleaning and maintaining your specific carpet. On the other hand, if you are about to get a new carpeted flooring, you can ask the seller to present you the characteristics of various kinds of carpets.

To summarize, if you have a synthetic – fiber water-resistant carpet and you have a pet, no matter whether it is a dog or a cat, the best tool to fight stains of urine, feces and vomit is  Odor Rescue B245 by Prochem Kärcher Group. Also, it can be applied for trauma scene remediation related odors and stains.

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