Cleaning The Carpet From Wine Stains With Stain

Cleaning The Carpet From Wine Stains With Stain

After throwing an incredible New Year party I had to face the unpleasant problem of fighting the awful stains of wine on the carpet. I had many guests and the number of stains on my beautiful white carpet was almost the same as the number of guests. I felt a bit frustrated whether I would be able to bring my favorite carpet back to its brand new condition. I didn't want to buy a new one as it took me ages to choose this particular item. Fortunately, a friend of mine recommended me to use Stain Rescue B101 by Prochem Kärcher Group. I applied that unique product on the carpet and all the stains disappeared. It was a miracle! There was no need to spend hours and hours cleaning each individual stain by applying baking soda and trying other doubtful ways for carpet cleaning. Stain Rescue B101 is really astonishing product that contains 2 pint bottles, equal in size. It was very easy to use it - I just put my protective gloves on and mixed equal parts of the bottle A and bottle B. Then, I applied that mixture on the stains of wine, waited several minutes and the stains were gone.

I have several carpets in my home as I believe they make the space more welcoming and cozy. That is why I've become an expert in removing various types of stains from the carpets. I have experimented with many homemade recipes for cleaning, like applying salt on greasy stains, immediately after they appear. In addition, I am vacuuming my carpets three times a week and sometimes I apply baking soda for reviving their colors. I admit it has a positive effect on them but it is not enough for maintaining the perfect condition of the carpet. Besides that I have tried many different chemical detergents but none of them satisfied my needs completely until I found Stain Rescue B101. Some of the detergents caused discoloration of the carpet, while others didn't work at all. The stain was still there and hasn't even faded.

I am really thankful to my friend who told me about Stain Rescue B101 by Prochem Kärcher Group. This preparation changed my life. From now on, I will not have to worry about stains from spilt morning coffee or tea in the afternoon, as it can remove these stains as well. Moreover, it can be used for cleaning vomiting or urine stains which are very common problems if you have small children who are just learning how to use the toilet. During winter season children are extremely vulnerable to having a flu or a cold which cause vomiting. When children are sick all you need to think of is their health. Cleaning the dirty carpet, covered with vomit, is the last thing on the list. However, if you leave these types of stains to dry it is almost impossible to remove them. What is more, the entire room will smell really nasty. Now, when I have Stain Rescue B101 I feel calmer that it will help me in these hard times.

Living in a house with a beautiful garden with flowers and grass may sound like a dream come true for many of you. However, let me draw a picture for you - having two children who play outside in the garden, after the previous day it had rained a lot. You are asking them to come in to have lunch, but they forget to take their shoes off before stepping on your favorite white carpet. It will be ruined with the remains of mud and grass on it. I used to believe that stains from grass are impossible to be cleaned but now I know I was wrong. After I purchased

Stain Rescue B101 by Prochem Kärcher Group I read that it can clean even tough stains from grass. After I applied it on the carpet, it took less than a minute to clean all these problem areas.

One of the greatest advantages of this cleaning product is that it doesn't have unpleasant odor like most of the detergents offered in the markets. It's pH is 3.0-5.0 and the pH of the mixture is 9.8. To ventilate the room after applying this product you just have to open the windows and leave them open for several minutes. In addition, it does not have a negative effect on the environment and is considered to be safe for children. You can let them play on the carpet immediately after you have cleaned it with Stain Rescue B101. However, keep the kit of two pint bottles on a place where children don't have access to. For perfect results, read the instructions before applying it on the carpet.

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