Cleaning the Carpet with Axiom

Cleaning the Carpet with Axiom

If you are starting a business with professional carpet cleaning services, you should consider several major factors which can make you stand out in the crowd. There are three key factors that attract customers and turn them to your regular clients. The first one is the attitude towards them and the understanding of their problems. However, customers won’t be able to find out what your attitude is before they order an expert cleaning procedure. The second step to having a successful firm is having really powerful equipment that can extract the dirt, stains and mold from their carpeted flooring. Keep in mind that even if you have purchased industrial modern high – expensive machines they won’t be enough to attract the carpet owners. The third and the most significant factor which will win you the trust of your future clients is having effective and eco-friendly cleaning products. A great per cent of customers are looking for carpet cleaning companies which use exclusively green preparations for maintaining their carpets in top shape. The reason for this is that want to prevent their children from having allergies, asthma and other respiratory problems. Moreover, some people have very sensitive skin and experience rashes on their feet if the carpet is cleaned with detergent, containing toxic chemicals. Many clients order professional washing procedures because they have pets which often urinate and defecate on the carpet’s surface. They cannot cope with that problem because don’t have powerful cleaning products or because the products they use cannot remove pet’s smell. Pet’s owners love their dogs and cats and want to protect them so they also require carpet cleaning to be made with environmentally-friendly products. You should know that people suffering from asthma are extremely sensitive to dust and use professional carpet cleaning services more often than the regular clients. That is the reason why you have to attract their attention with unique cleaning product which can help them live healthier life.

If you have truckmounts and portable equipment, you have to apply appropriate cleaning product, designed specifically for such use. The product that will make you one of the leaders in carpet maintaining business is called Axiom Clean Free Rinse S157 by Prochem Kärcher Group. This is one of the products from the Axiom Clean Line which is created specially for use with truckmounts and portables. You can combine different cleaning products from Axiom Clean Line to accomplish amazing results in cleaning. Axiom Clean Line has incredibly effective multi-surface cleaners, spotters, deodorizers, rinsing products and pre-sprayers which are tested to be safe not only for clients, but also for the entire planet. They are designed for residential and commercial use, they are biodegradable, phosphate-free and butyl-free. They meet all the requirements for a product that is super powerful and green at the same time. Axiom Clean Green Products Line provides maximum cleaning performance with minimal residues. That is definitely something that will impress your clients.


Axiom Clean Free Rinse S157 can be used on both natural and synthetic fiber carpets. It has Carpet & Rug Institute Seal of Approval which guarantees it is top quality cleaning product. It has a special polymer technology which is helpful for preventing soil wicking and browning of carpets. Moreover, it can be used for neutralizing the awful smell of urine on the carpet, left by pets or small children. You can recommend it to your clients who often have problems with urine remains on the carpets. For instance, if they have a toddler who is not wearing a diaper and is in the process of learning where is the proper place for peeing. In this case, they will have problems with urine stains and smell for several months or even a year, until the process of learning is finished. If they have a small dog, there will be many incidents on the carpet until it finally learns to urinate only outside the house. If they have grown up dog but don’t have time to take it out for a walk, then they will see a huge urine stain somewhere in the house. You are trying to win customer’s trust you should explain them the benefits of the products you are using during cleaning procedures. You should mark all the advantages of using Axiom Clean Free Rinse S157 by Prochem Kärcher Group. For example, you can advice them if they are putting their house for sale to thoroughly clean the carpets inside the house. That should be made especially if they had pets because there always is a left unpleasant odor of urine, no matter how hard they have tried to maintain the house. Cleaning the carpets in the house with Axiom Clean Free Rinse S157 will guarantee them quicker and easier sale.

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