Cleaning the interior of the vehicle

Cleaning the interior of the vehicle

Cleaning the interior of the vehicle includes work on removal of general dirt and

patches of various parts and components from automotive salon. Prolux Cleaning uses high-

technological machines for dry car cleaning which allow the treating fabrics to remain semi-dry. Here is the moment to mention we apply effective and non-aggressive agents which accomplish fabulous results.

 For cleaning any type of fabric and upholstery in the car we apply carefully selected and recommended by the manufacturer products. The interior of each car is desirable to be precisely and thoroughly cleaned at least twice a year. If saloon of the car is not clean in detail for years - it is so dirty that car cleaning is nearly impossible. For cleaning such saloon we need twice as much time and materials. This heavy and responsible work can be done by Prolux Cleaning expert cleaners. We guarantee achieving very good results! We will restore the condition of your car interior and it will look just like brand new. The time required for interior car cleaning depends on how dirty the lounge is.

 Wet washing of seats and upholstery in car wash would lead to high humidity inside your vehicle, risking to remain in this condition days or even weeks. In a similar case moisture is not completely out of the car, causing condensation and fogging of windows, especially in winter. As mentioned above, we use technology that allows the seats to remain semi-dry and ready to use immediately.

 From the filthy car upholstery we can remove almost all the dirt, including greasy stains, dried blood, traces of food, coffee and much more. Interior car cleaning includes a standard set of services such as dry laundering of upholstery, seats, floor, ceiling, rack, detailed cleaning, restoration and sealing the dashboard, consoles, plastic elements, vinyl, rubber, leather, chrome parts, elements of mahogany and others.

 If there is cigarette smoke odor inside your car, you know it is very difficult to remove it. People try to get rid of this smoke for several reasons. Some of them are smoking secretly behind the back of their spouses and children and that is why they don’t want their car to smoke of cigarette. Others are trying to give up smoking and that is why the smell of cigarettes is really tempting for them. There are cases when a person is buying a car of a smoker. If the buyer is non-smoker it is very likely not to like the smell of the car.

 The first thing you should do is to pick up the phone and schedule interior car cleaning service with Prolux Cleaning. Prolux Cleaning can do a miracle when it comes to coping with cigarette smoke odor. Meanwhile, here is what you can do while waiting for the service.

 To minimize the smoke odor in your car you have to open the windows while you are smoking. Next thing is to empty the ashtray. This will be the most effective thing you can do to get rid of your car smoke odors. After emptying the ashtray, gently clean it with soap and water. Finally, once it is dry, sprinkle it with baking soda to absorb all other odors. Then vacuum the car. Thorough vacuuming will remove any ashes or cigarette butts that have fallen on the floor of the car. A vacuum cleaner can be used to clean the ashtray, as well.

 After you have done this, you may consider the idea not to smoke inside your car in future. Do not let your passengers smoke inside too. Make this your rule and stick to it. You may try using air freshener. The air freshener won’t remove the smell of cigarette smoke but it will improve the air in the car.

 All in all, car cleaning and maintenance is an activity which you have to turn into every day routine. Do not sit inside the vehicle with filthy shoes. If your shoes are dirty or muddy, cover some paper on the floor in order not to damage the floor mats. Do not touch the wheel with greasy hand and avoid drinking coffee inside the car, unless you have coffee holder where to place the cup of hot liquid. Vacuum the seats and floor mats at least twice a month. Use professional car cleaning services for maintaining the ideal condition of your vehicle. If there is a stain on your car upholstery and you do not know how to remove it, call Prolux Cleaning and ask for help. We are always ready to help you and give you useful advice. Ask our phone support assistants for the incredible discounts we have in mind for you.

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