Different Methods of Cleaning Carpet by Professional

Different Methods of Cleaning Carpet by Professional

Different Methods of Cleaning Carpet by Professional


There are different methods of carpet cleaning in Hainault. When you call any professional carpet cleaner, they would check out your carpet and suggest you which method would be best for your carpet. However, if you yourself have some idea, it would be better. So, let’s know about some of the common method of carpet cleaning.

Hot Water Extraction Cleaning

This method is also known as Steam cleaning. Under this method, hot water is spray over the carpet with very high pressure. This helps the water in dissolving the dirt that is subdued in the carpet. Then they apply some cleaning solution according to the nature of the fiber of the carpet and brush it off. Then, after rinsing the carpet is left to dry in room temperature.

Carpet Shampooing

Applying shampoo on the carpet for cleaning was a common method before few years. After shampoo is applied on the carpet it is left over for some time so that it may dissolve the dirt. Now, as huge amount of foam used to created, it took longer period to dry. Sometimes, after the carpet dries, it becomes sticky.


After the carpet cleaners found shampooing to be a problem, they started thinking of other methods and encapsulation was started. Synthetic detergent is used in this method for cleaning the carpet that gets crystalized once it becomes dry. After it is applied on the carpet, the detergent grabs the dust particles and then solidifies. Later, this could be removed with the help of vacuuming.

There are many other ways of carpet cleaning in Hainault by the professional cleaners. Once they have a look at your carpet, they would decide which one would be best. For cleaning your carpet in the best way, taking assistance from Prolux Carpet Cleaning can be a good idea.

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