Do Steam Mops Clean Carpets?

Do Steam Mops Clean Carpets?

 Every housewife, and especially a mother, is looking for a way to keep her home in spotless condition. However, maintaining the carpets clean is much more difficult than you expect when you have naughty children. It is not surprising that mothers are curious to find out an easy way to cope with this problem and search for various methods for carpet cleaning.

So here comes the question do steam mops clean carpets? Can they be considered a powerful tool against dirt, bacteria, microbes and stains on our favorite carpeted flooring?

Cleaning of your precious home consumes a lot of time and energy, but this time can be used with great pleasure and benefit to the family. Steam mop - this is a household appliance, through which the carpet cleaning process becomes easy and fast. And most importantly, with minimal effort and time, the effect of cleaning with a steam mop is simply stunning.

All the technical characteristics of this miracle device can be viewed on the Internet. For example, the swab is sold here in different versions, and you can choose the one that suits you best.

Well, if you tell in-general, then with the help of steam mops it is easy and simple to make almost any floor coverings clean: linoleum and tile, parquet and laminate, carpets. With all this, the steam mop is very light, which allows you to clean not only the floors, but also carpets on the walls, curtains and blinds.

Another huge plus - you do not need chemical cleaning agents, hot steam to cope with dirt without the help of harmful chemicals. This is a decent cost savings and the best ecology in your home.

So do steam mops clean carpets?

The answer is – yes, they do! The process of cleaning the floors gives not only a visual effect. The floors are really clean, as hot steam destroys harmful bacteria, even in hard-to-reach places that are in every home. This is very important when the house is small children or suffering from allergic diseases. Cleaning with a steam mop makes the house perfectly clean!

As a rule, a set of various nozzles is sold together with a mop. Each nozzle is designed for a specific type of floor. Among them there is a wonderful brush for carpets, with its help, even the most ancient stale spots, from which you could not get rid in the usual way, are easily destroyed.

There is another useful function - if you disconnect the steam generator, then with its help you can clean and disinfect pillows, mattresses and soft toys.

In short, using a steam mop cleaning in the house becomes not only more pleasant, but also more effective.

Construction of Steam Mops

Steam Generator

Water is heated in a special container; the resulting steam is supplied under pressure. After switching on the device, wait 30 seconds to 10 minutes to heat the water, it depends on the model. The greater the capacity for water, the less it will need to be interrupted, but a large tank of water will have to be moved around the room.

This is inconvenient if you use the mop as a steam cleaner. It is convenient to take a jar with the right water, after the container is empty, wait until the squeegee cools, and then top up.


The longer the cord is, the easier it is to clean, because if you turn off the steam mop from the outlet, you need to wait for cooling and reheating, this can be lost up to half an hour. For a two-room apartment is enough 5 meters, three-room apartment - 7 meters or more, immediately take care of the extensions.

Nozzles and additional functions

The nozzles can make cleaning absolutely safe for different kinds of coatings. The main application of a steam mop is washing the floors, for this purpose are used rectangular or triangular nozzles with special micro fiber cloths.

You can wash linoleum with a steam mop, but you can not leave it in one place for longer than 1 minute, otherwise the surface will lose its color from the long contact with the steam and become whitish. Such spots on the linoleum will not look exactly.

Carpets should be cleaned with a steam mop very carefully, it is better to check on a small area, since some, with high synthetics content, can deteriorate from contact with steam. In order to refresh the surface, remove odors and disinfect it sufficiently to steam them. To clean the surface you need to soften the dirt with steam, and then collect it together with moisture, not all models of steam mops are capable of cleaning it.

How to Use a Steam Mop?

Cleaning the apartment with steam mops, turns into a completely safe and ecological process. Before washing the floor, vacuum clean. Then, fill the tank with distilled water and turn on the power. Wait until steam starts to develop, at this time you can not leave the mop without supervision.

To add water or change the outlet you need to turn off the device, wait for it to cool down, make the necessary manipulations and turn it on again. Finally, after the cleaning process is over, drain the water.

Steam Cleaner or Steam Mop - What to Choose?

The principle of the steam cleaner is practically the same as that of the steam mop. In a special tank it is necessary to pour water, which then heats up to high temperatures. Under the influence of high pressure, pressing a certain button from the steam cleaner nozzle erupts a powerful steam jet that effectively destroys any dirt.

Both instruments: a steam mop and a steam cleaner are good, but if you hesitate which device is better for you to purchase, you should rely on the fact what type of surfaces are planned to be cleaned using the device. If you are going to use it only for washing floor coverings, then a steam mop will do, and if you need a universal device, then you need to choose a steam cleaner.

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