Does carpet cleaning kill fleas?

Does carpet cleaning kill fleas?

As opposed to Dry Cleaning, it is a general truth that Steam Carpet Cleaning doesn’t use strong and harsh chemicals, meaning it is one of the best way to have each and every floor inside your home deeply cleaned and very well-sanitized. As it is commonly known, the carpet cleaning machines used for steam carpet cleaning have 1 or 2 separate tanks – one for water and other for a cleaning solution.

The steam cleaner heats up the water in order to produce the actual steam, and combined with the special cleaning product, the powerful pressure, under which the boiling hot water unit is sprayed in, has the ability to do wonders onto the carpet by obliterating all the bacteria, fleas, dust mites, bed bugs and germs which reside deeply inside the carpet.

But how carpet steam cleaning is so efficient?

Everyone who has experienced carpet cleaning would agree that there is no other way to get rid of viruses, bacteria and dust mites apart from using a good carpet steam cleaner. Scientifically proved, bacteria starts to die when heated up to 248°F. In fact, any microorganism could not resist temperatures higher than 212°F.

The high temperature of the steam sprayed by the machine is a wide-known antimicrobial heat agent. Moreover, the actual heated water unit is directly sprayed in deeply inside the carpet, under very high pressure, reaching the base of fibers where it completely destroys everything that has been residing inside the carpet – all the bacteria, germs, dust mites and even the chemical residues onto the surface.

When you are steam cleaning your carpet in order to get it sanitized, it is rather advisable to start at the top of the room and go down towards the entrance. Steaming is not an easy task and it takes a bit of time, respectively. In order to clean the carpet efficiently, it is quite suggestive to hold the tool of the steam cleaner no more than 1-2 inches away from the actual surface. As you are moving the machine, make sure you clean at most 1 inch of space per second. In this way you would definitely get anything inside the carpet killed and removed.

Lots of people have tried numerous ways of cleaning their carpet. Some have even used Dry Cleaning where almost no water is used and tons of strong and harsh chemicals. Well, as you probably already know, after Dry Carpet Cleaning the extraordinary unpleasant odor left from the carpet is due to the mentioned strong chemicals.

Needless to say, apart from smelling awfully, the carpet could be potentially dangerous to you, to your children and pets as it could affect the quality of the air around your home.

How could you solve such situation? Steam Cleaning! Steam cleaning is really the answer as the power of steam is more than enough to totally break down those chemical residues, left by the previous cleaning.

If cleaning solutions are needed to aid the steam, it is good to know that the carpet cleaning products should be applied after the actual steam cleaning has taken place. Another quite useful tip, actually more of a must, it of huge importance to vacuum the carpet before using the steam cleaner, as dust and loose dirt over the carpet could seriously impede the actual carpet cleaning procedure. By giving your carpet a good vacuum, you will definitely increase the efficiency of the carpet steam cleaning.

A steam cleaner is the perfect killer of germs, viruses and bacteria

The boiling hot water and the high pressure, under which it is sprayed in deeply inside the carpet, will definitely do wonders by totally destroying all the bacteria, viruses and germs. Not only do the microorganisms reside inside the carpet’s fibres, but they spread anywhere inside your home, including the air you breathe.

By steaming the carpet, you can be sure that you destroy a huge part of the home of all those tiny little things that could potentially harm your health and your family’s one. Given the fact that the floor is the place where strains like Salmonella, Listeria, MRSA and E-coli could form, it is certain that by sanitizing your carpet, you are one step ahead from having one heathy and good domestic environment.

What about mold and steam?

Almost each and every household has faced the problem with mold and mildew. As you probably know, the most common place to have mold is the bathroom. The heated water coming from your shower causes the so-called process of vaporization.

Being combined with the high temperature in room, this is the point where high humidity forms, eventually leading to the growth of mold. The usage of shower gels and other body cleaning products is just another factor which helps forming the mold, as they leave organic residues in the air.

It not just an unpleasant thing to see, the mould could cause short or long-term health problems within the household. As we already honoured the power and the pressure of the steam, this, combined with special cleaning products for steam carpet cleaning, is considered one of the most efficient ways to successfully destroy the fungus and the bacteria forming the actual mold.

Keep in mind that on highly affected areas it is suggestive to leave the cleaning solutions do their work for several minutes before starting the actual steaming process.

What about fleas and steam?

It is commonly known that one of the main reasons to get fleas inside your property is because of your pet. Thus, people must regularly treat them with flea preparation. Nevertheless, you should always be aware that this would not prevent 100% your dog from eventually getting fleas. Whether it is a fox or hedgehog that it interacts with, in warmer months your pet will definitely bring some of the nasty insect inside your home. Consequently, it is more than recommended  to have your carpet deep steam cleaned as much times as it is possible, so that the problem is eliminated.

The high temperature and pressure, under which the steam will make its way through the base of the carpet fibres, is an essential way to kill all the fleas, their eggs, larva etc, which would lead to a clean and sanitized carpet area in your home.

Furthermore, everyone who has shared his home with a pet, is well-aware of how unpleasant the pet odour sometimes could be. As there are numerous cleaning solutions, such as different types of smell treatment, by steaming your carpet not only would you destroy all the microorganisms, hiding inside the carpet, but you would also get rid of the organic smells, left by your pet.

In conclusion, if you know how exactly to use your steam carpet cleaner and which exact cleaning solutions to apply, you would be amazed by the results – an absolutely sanitized carpeted floor, with no more bacteria, mold, fleas and other microorganisms. This would not only improve the appearance of your carpet, but would also maintain a healthy domestic environment.

Do not worry if you don’t have a carpet cleaner – there are plenty of ways to get your carpet cleaned. From hiring a Dr Rug for a day to getting a professional carpet cleaning company, one is sure – the pros of steam carpet cleaning are countless. So what are you waiting for? Steam Carpet Cleaning is the answer!

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