Don’t Let the Bald Patches of Your Carpet Extend

Don’t Let the Bald Patches of Your Carpet Extend

You may be doing carpet cleaning London regularly, yet can notice that your carpet is becoming bald! Have you thought why?  It must be in your thought that why are the fiber missing? Have you noticed the places near the bald patches? They have shreds of paper or wood near them!

Now is your carpet disintegrating? No, it’s infestation from carpet moth that are actually responsible for all this.

What makes them like carpets?

Actually, moths just do not like your carpet but also other items of cloth like curtains, clothes etc. they are mainly attracted towards natural fiber like silk and wool. These moths have the ability of digesting keratin protein and hence if you have carpet made up of silk or wool, you can be easy victim to them.

What is the way to deal with them?

It is for sure that you are tired of these moth or beetles and want to make sure that they are no more in your carpet. You can seek help from professional carpet cleaning in London , who would do the necessary to ensure that they are totally eradicated from your carpet.

They would deeply vacuum your carpet to remove them. Once it is done they would apply a natural and safe agent over your carpet to ensure that the moths are eradicated properly. If still required then they may apply some insecticide to be sure that they are totally eliminated from your carpet.

Is there any way to prevent them?

There are ways to prevent them. First you can do yourself, vacuum your carpet regularly and do not miss any area specially the corners. You may use the crevices tools to ensure that you have taken care of the corners too. Next, you can take professional help to get rid of them and also to prevent them. You may call Prolux Carpet Cleaning to handle any odd situation with your carpet.

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