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What Methods for Carpet Cleaning Earls Court Can Be Used?

If you do not want to waste your time washing your carpets, then Prolux carpet cleaning Earls Court based company will perfectly cope with this care. Our experts will help to make your things clean, and also extend their service life. They will precisely determine the nature of the pollution, take into account the features and properties of the carpet, advise you about the most appropriate method of deep cleaning carpet and correctly, accurately, professionally carry out the process of carpet cleaning Earls Court.

Prolux Carpet Cleaning – Effective Cleaning for Your Carpets!

carpet cleaning Earls CourtCarpets, like any other flooring, are prone to numerous impurities. Especially it is known to those who have small children or pets in the house. Spots on the carpet can spoil not only the interior of any apartment, but also the mood of its occupants. Even if you are already desperate and are going to throw the spoiled coating, carpet cleaning in Earls Court from the Prolux carpet cleaning company will help to give cleanliness and former gloss to your carpet.

Deep carpet cleaning Earls Court from Prolux is carried out with the help of modern equipment and effective preparations that can eliminate unpleasant smells and any kinds of pollution. We can clean carpets made from natural (wool, silk), and artificial materials. The cost of cleaning depend
s on the area of ​​the carpet and the degree of its contamination.

Before proceeding with deep cleaning of carpeting, our specialist will need to clarify what material it is made of. Usually it is natural (wool, cotton) or synthetic (acrylic, nylon) fiber. Depending on the fiber type, an appropriate cleaning agent is chosen for carpet deep cleaning. Sometimes there are carpets with a mixed composition of fiber. In this case, the cleaning agent for carpet cleaning is chosen depending on the greater percentage of the fiber. In cases where the composition of the fiber that forms the carpet is unknown, our specialist will determine the composition of the fiber with the help of special tests to avoid mistakes and not to damage the carpet during its cleaning procedure.

The second thing that needs to be clarified to our specialist for high-quality carpet cleaning is the nature of the main pollution. The main contamination of carpets - this is the so-called "dry dirt", that is, dust, small debris, stones, carried by shoes. Dry dirt forms the main part of carpet contamination and is removed with the help of powerful vacuum cleaners. Worse is the case with "wet mud", which is deeply absorbed in the fibers, very hard to remove when cleaning carpets and helps to keep dry dirt. Here, without a serious dry cleaning of carpets can not do.

Before proceeding to spot removal, it is necessary to identify the nature of the stain, which only specialists in dry cleaning of carpets can do. And only the specialist knows exactly what method of cleaning carpets can remove it without violating the structure of the carpet.


Carpet Steam Cleaning Prices
Single bedroom £20
Double bedroom £25
Living room £30
Dining room £25
Lounge (from) £30
Staircase /max 16 steps/ + landing £25
Landing (from) £5
Hallway (from) £10
Commercial Carpet Cleaning £1.20 – £2.00 / sq.m.

Dry Carpet Cleaning – Most Used Carpet Cleaning Method

Over time, a lot of dust, dirt accumulates in the carpets, which can not always be removed with the usual household cleaning products. The fact is that even with regular cleaning of carpets in the dense carpet pile there are fine dust particles, eventually they harden, press and form a hard to remove crust on the basis of the carpet. Carpet pile is an ideal place for reproduction of various harmful microorganisms - fungi, dust and bed mites, which in time can become a real threat to human health. Especially strong impurities are observed on carpets spread on the floor. Here in due course there are various spots, the pile absorbs dirt from shoes, absorbs accidentally spilled liquid, fat and so on.

Home cleaning products for carpet cleaning can not give perfect results. On the contrary, in many cases, the illiterate use of carpet cleaners at home can cause irreparable harm to the carpet - the basis of the carpet (especially carpeting, which is usually created on an adhesive basis) dries out drastically, breaks, crumbles, the pile begins to creep, paints noticeably turn pale. The only way to save carpet is chemical cleaning of carpets.

Carpets on the glutinous basis are best cleaned by dry carpet cleaning at home, which consists in the use of special cleaning powders. With a special machine or manually, if the carpet is small in size, the powder for dry carpet cleaning at home is applied to the surface of the carpet and left for a while to absorb all the dirt, and then it is cleaned off with a professional vacuum cleaner.

Only specialists of our carpet cleaning Earls Court based company, specializing in dry cleaning of carpets at home, will be able to correctly select the necessary means and determine the way of dry cleaning carpets at home so as to get the best result.

We guarantee high quality and fastest performance of dry cleaning carpets at home! We work at the most convenient time for you, and for dry cleaning of carpets the price at us is quite comprehensible and accessible to the widest circle of the population.

Steam Carpet Cleaning

The principle of the steam generator is quite simple. To begin with, the container is filled with the required amount of water. To cope with highly contaminated surfaces, a powder or other detergent can be added to the water. After a few minutes, the water is heated, and then turns into steam. That's all - the steam cleaner is ready for cleaning. Through the opening on the nozzle, a high-pressure steam jet will appear which will destroy harmful bacteria in the most inaccessible places. The device will help get rid of dust, mites, stains, animal hair and disinfect and fluff the pile of carpets. At the end of cleaning, the carpet needs to be dried with a vacuum cleaner.

Walking on a damp carpet after steam treatment is undesirable, but if you can not wait, you need to put on clean socks. To install furniture on a damp carpet, polystyrene buffers must be placed under it.

Cleaning your home with a steam cleaner will remove not only dust and dirt, but also clean various surfaces from bacteria, germs, dust mites, stains, unpleasant odors and animal hair. And you will save your time and energy. Moreover, steam cleaning is the most recommended method for cleaning for people, suffering from asthma and allergies!

Rapid carpet drying by Prolux Carpet Cleaning Earls Court
BEFORE Carpet Cleaning £20 AFTER
Extra attention to heavy traffic areas by Prolux Carpet Cleaning Earls Court
BEFORE Carpet Cleaning £20 AFTER
Dry HOST carpet cleaning by Prolux Carpet Cleaning Earls Court
BEFORE Carpet Cleaning £25 AFTER
Charlton Maynerd

Prolux saving the day once again

Our grandmother was a math teacher till she retired,but an Alzheimer's disease unexpectedly appeared, grandma had some difficulties remembering even a small things like what she had for lunch yesterday, where she put her stuff and sometimes she had difficulties in even recognizing us,but i’m writing you this story because these professional cleaners from Prolux restored a great memory of grandma’s because after cleaning this carpet and rugs she remember the good old days when she bought them on her trip to Nepal.

It was a miracle,this cleaning company show us a superior cleaning service at a reasonable price and these guys work 7 days a weeks and they are the best professional cleaners,according to the results,i’m telling you, you gotta see it for your own eyes,they are brilliant.

Clarissa Hooper

I would like to recommend Prolux cleaning services to everyone who values the quality of the service more than the price! If you are looking for top quality provider of carpet cleaning procedures, then call Prolux and schedule a service! All my friends and neighbors are using their procedures and no one has ever complained about anything! What I like the most about Prolux services is the fresh smell and great condition of the carpet after it has been cleaned. The fibers are lifted and it looks completely restored! I use Prolux services 3 times a year for cleaning all the carpets at home and the upholstered furniture. They help me a lot in keeping my items spotless! And what is the most important for me – they use only safe eco-friendly cleaning agents. Those products don’t have strong repelling odor and are absolutely harmless for my baby and my 3-year-old son. Usually my children play on the carpet – that is their favorite place at home. I feel calm leaving my baby there, because I know that my carpet is perfectly clean, free of bacteria and allergens, and incredibly soft!Vomit and urine stains are a typical problem for my carpet! However, with Prolux’s help there is no unpleasant odor or stains on my carpet. Before each carpet cleaning procedure Prolux experts inspect the carpet for stains. After they have determined their origin, they apply the right preparation. For the last 5 years, they have never performed low quality procedure! I believe the price for the cleaning service is quite affordable!

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